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  1. got drenched on the 4 mile jebwalk tonight, no radar is safe longer than 20 minutes with these quasi-feeder bands also the radar returns are low because i guess the drop sizes are small so even moderate green is a soaker i may have trenchfoot
  2. got a 3.5 mile jebwalk in around 7:30, received enough water that i may bloom if we can get some sun
  3. too dangerous to swim as you cannot see the jetties (never mind the currents) but not too dangerous to run in and out of the surf line like a dog or small child
  4. i was looking at forecasts of 4-6 feet, which is rough but i swam that all day when Earl passed by. now there's a high surf advisory already active for waves up to 8 feet. plus it'll be dogshit weather out of the water. also there's a barbecue i'm invited to with a hot girl there. hot girl and meat vs drowning and being laughed at by everyone here when they find the internet article. choices
  5. i’m thinking it’s just gonna be too dangerous to swim tomorrow idk
  6. i could go for a nice sausage
  7. i'm going to go to the beach saturday out of sheer spite but also the water should still be warm (who cares if it's raining if you swim all day)
  8. listen to this guy, he knows his weenies. it's why he's such a master debater.
  9. hopefully this does not end up a redux of Ida, though that seems unlikely according to the current modelology
  10. models were still showing some residual effect into today but it probably ended early morning. by 10:30 the water was glass
  11. nice pics don i was in Long Branch, NJ today and basically all the surf forecasts were complete busts. the sea about as placid as a lake, there were no currents (rip or otherwise) until the afternoon. there were enough swells to make boarding worthwhile but nothing like i expected.
  12. saw a pod of at least 10 dolphins at Long Branch today. they told me to say hi to rclab
  13. 975 would be quite a storm even if the wind field broadens out by that point maybe a bit of an irene redux
  14. there’s a whale in the water at long branch! wooooow
  15. should be a gorgeous day in Long Branch see you nerds at the beach
  16. it's weird when it's warm in september because it can be dry and windy and the days are shorter, and i'm cold even though it's like 80
  17. was at Long Branch all day Saturday, waves were all the way up to 6 feet--maybe a few even higher--and currents were very strong. worn out from hours of swimming, too rough to bring out the boogie board. pretty dangerous swimming conditions with a lot of beaches without lifeguards after Labor Day.
  18. guys i just tested it and we can say the f word
  19. is the radar supposed to fill in behind this or something? because this radar obviously doesn’t look like rain into Wednesday
  20. i'll take anything at this point but it fits the theme of the decade if the drought is punctuated by some kind of crushing flooding event
  21. beach saturday should be another banner day in Belmar
  22. black locust makes good furniture
  23. woken up by pouring rain i haven't seen in months only to find the tiniest of cells. 0% chance, completely crazy.
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