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  1. could go either way on tropical or subtropical idk
  2. i’m a ravens fan but the jets are now my second team for meme reasons and i really hope they win the world series or whatever you do in foobaw imagine everyone having to bow down to zack wilson, so funny
  3. i was a student at the time and just happened to seize upon that one storm and those model runs and was telling people for weeks we were in trouble never did it before or since, my college friends thought i was a weather savant instead of a lucky weenie
  4. too west for a great sunset tbh grats to those who cashed in
  5. i would think the upper level anticyclone is a function of the lower level convection and the dissipation of said convection as the storm transitions to a structure driven by baroclinic processes might likewise dissipate said anticyclone however i also have no idea what i’m talking about and i’m legally barred from operating metal food utensils by the state of new jersey so maybe that is an incorrect assumption
  6. explaining to a news panel show the different contexts of getting and sending the weenie react including threads about sausages, hot dogs etc
  7. it’s nice out again absolutely beautiful forecast in front of us if it verifies, indian summer conditions
  8. perfect time to tell the world about amwx and u didnt do it
  9. i love rain i like to stare at it while it falls like a cat watching a youtube video about fish
  10. this hobby is a wellspring of mental illness i am convinced of it
  11. hello friend where’s the easiest place to find rain totals
  12. lee is my most disappointing child yet
  13. this is gulf coast shit lol
  14. the outflow is so strong, it’s like a mini-cold front that’s propagating a chain of storms and more outflow and more storms. the genesis of this was the beach cells this morning
  15. outflow blowing up a cell right over bedminster
  16. hail in new brunswick, whiteout rain, moderate CTG.
  17. maybe the hurricane will do better if we all cheer for it like the phillies fans did for trea turner
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