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  1. i just realized i am the antimatter to walter drag walter is a fastidious professional who has dedicated his life to science and civil service, and continues his contributions in retirement, on this forum, out of a love for weather i have been here seven years and cannot read a hodograph
  2. you guys never sent my prize after i won the last one
  3. if rclab was a spider what kind of spider would he be i think he would be an orb weaver spider for sure, probably the most philosophical of all spiders. in the genus Araneus. but he would not be a brightly-colored orb weaver. he would be a less-flashy orb weaver with colors that blend into his environment. he would be the spider all the other spiders talk to for spider advice.
  4. i can't really remember thanks to all the marijuana
  5. i don't smoke weed anymore it pretty much just makes me remember every mistake i ever made in my entire life, for 2 hours, and then i eat a cup of breadcrumbs in my kitchen at 1 am
  6. if i was a deadly spider and some guy did a video handling me to show how "this species of spider rarely bites and is more likely to try to run and hide" i would bite the shit out of that prick let me tell you
  7. what do you guys think spiders think about all day while waiting for bugs if you could invent tiny AirPods for spiders do you think they could evolve to listen to podcasts and books on tape? if you were a spider what would you listen to on Spotify why isn't the government answering these questions
  8. many, many great people are putting ketchup on their steaks too
  9. i let all house centipedes and spiders live since they predate household pests like silverfish, bed bugs, and roaches.
  10. this will be the coldest winter of the rest of our lives
  11. i've invested so much time into training you guys and mentoring you. who will pick up the mantle once i die? who will make sun angle jokes in mid-June? i just don't see a worthy successor.
  12. no posts in banter since Tuesday, absolutely pathetic showing from the NYC fam. thought i was sharing this board with champion shitposters, you should move to the mid-atlantic board because you guys are the Washington Generals of banter
  13. amazing that we are going to have a crazy bomb cyclone depart in late October and leave behind low mid 60s usually you’d think the kind of cold air advection behind something like this would put us deep into fall chill but, shrug.
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