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  1. Modelology is low energy and SAD!
  2. snow88 and nycweathernow should both be banned and sent to a remedial meteorology day camp
  3. However much it snows this is going to be a seriously impressive and early taste of winter. Mount Holly AFD indicating 10-15F wind chills in the metro area.
  4. There was a tornado warning for Somerset and Middlesex that was just cancelled. Could've fooled me, I thought I was in one a few minutes ago.
  5. Boys. Tell me. Let me hear it. Lay it on. Don't hold back. It's coming and you are all so ready. Who's getting geared? Who's got their seatbelts on? Whose parachute is packed? You know what it is. FIREPLACE BURNIN' PUMPKIN PICKIN' HOT CHOCOLATIN' HAND-HOLDIN' We are talking about MAJOR relationship goals boys. For the next two months, there will be exactly 0 weather events anyone with a life cares about, while the special someone picks house scents. You're out measuring 0.14" while she has decided it's autumn spice in the diffuser for the long haul. You're online debating MJO values and you come back to a lawn full of scarecrows you didn't even know you bought. But what I want to know is, who here is actually up for it? Who is ready for fall potpourri? Who's ready for the bathroom towels to change over?
  6. Monsieur, before you throw in your napkin, can I not beg you to have one little mint? If you're not full, don't worry, looks like this is a 30-course meal. Even after this invalid is rolled into the asylum he'll be exclaiming through drool about how Senator Little Marco Rubio of Alabahama is sad, weak, and failing for letting Daffy Dorian destroy his island. Some of the words in the tweet will be capitalized, but no one can say for sure which.
  7. At what point do people (who haven't yet done so) have an epiphany that this guy is not well in the head, and that he is a danger as long as he is in power? He's got NOAA compromising its integrity in service of his unlimited ego and stupidity. How the f is that acceptable to people? I cannot grasp that. And how do you function as a rational, viable person if you are incapable of a "my bad"? I can't wait to see how long this stupid shit goes on. Weeks? How is that possible?
  8. Yeah maybe make less excuses for grown men who say stupid things and attempt to cover themselves with vain, petty theatrics that debase our hobby and its science in the bargain. Maybe cut that.
  9. Watching Ryan Maue defend this sharpie bullshit is actually more entertaining than the sharpie bullshit itself. He has a PhD.
  10. It's what happens when you give a child a shitload of money and no discipline, and then he grows up, gets a brain tumor, and becomes president