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  1. can this be the weather forever? it’s so nice out i want to roll around in the grass like a dog
  2. precip will be mostly virga unless they can see heavier rates, and don’t get me started about the sun angle
  3. getting serious vitamin D today Don, it is too perfect outside
  4. maybe something will pop along the storm outflows
  5. some of the cells in NE PA are approaching 70 dBz
  6. 88/75 in New Brunswick lol, absolutely disgusting outside
  7. precipitation quickly coming to a conclusion, that might be it for today in the metro
  8. it sure is weathery outside. this is some of the most weather i can remember.
  9. i'm on the lookout for thunderstorms this week
  10. nobody else got hail? it hailed pretty decently in Piscataway, pea-sized and maybe a bit bigger.
  11. every year, hundreds of lightning enthusiasts are killed by boredom while playing golf. remember to K.E.E.P. these safety tips in mind: - if you find yourself trapped in a golf game, KNOW your exits - move EXPEDITIOUSLY - go get something to EAT - PLAY something more fun
  12. looks like the line (of which that cell is embedded in) is filling in towards the north much more thunder now not sure about severe but looks like the metro is in for a prolific soaking
  13. spicy cell down by Monmouth Junction almost 60 dBz, radar filling in north with showers. started raining here. now thunder too