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  1. Paulette redeveloping would be appropriate. loops around and slams into Florida as a Category 3 right behind Hurricane Zeta or whatever we're up to by the end of the month.
  2. crazy comfortable now. every day this week was beautiful.
  3. enclosed is actual footage of Teddy avoiding Maine
  4. credit to @MJO812. you boys like to give him the weenie but bottom line is we're watching a Maine threat--an outside Maine threat--and he was on it before anyone else. Edit: it has been explained to me by management that the phrase "give him the weenie" is unacceptable regardless of context
  5. well either way sir you don't tell a fella you got a sight to behold and not give him a sight. give us some bird photos!
  6. where is the picture buy a crop sensor DSLR from Costco and don't fail us next year
  7. i am rooting for you Wilfred Jr. you big sloppy idiot get your shit together, get your GED, go flood a basement in Thibodaux, Louisiana. boost some property values. addition by subtraction.
  8. i'm getting in on the photo game boys i think i like the shot with the trees more edit: the downsizing and image artifacts really piss me off but whatever
  9. that would be a real coup for 90L to spin up that quickly and nab Wilfred from the other INVESTs.
  10. tell the lord to put out the f'n fires already
  11. i'm guessing 98L is Wilfred and 99L becomes Subtropical Storm Alpha. according to FSU phase space diagrams the GFS likes 99L for some tropical development and gets it down to around 990 mb before it swings towards Portugal.
  12. super smoky. it was gone before it dipped below the horizon. i'm thinking the better shots will be the sunrises, i guess there's usually less particulates in the air in the morning than the afternoon due to diurnal heating and churned up wind currents. idk though.
  13. everyone interested should be on sunset watch tonight, with the smoke in the air it could be a good one. unfortunately there doesn't look to be much in the way of cloud cover, but i'm guessing there will be a big, bright reddish sun. maybe you'll have a chance to peak a sunspot if they're active.