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  1. amazing that we are going to have a crazy bomb cyclone depart in late October and leave behind low mid 60s usually you’d think the kind of cold air advection behind something like this would put us deep into fall chill but, shrug.
  2. 90s for Halloween per the long-range North Korean
  3. it's 66 outside, my thermostat is about 72, and i feel pretty cool. global warming has broken my biological thermometer
  4. the tree of heaven produces a lot of bitter-tasting alkaloids which i imagine may concentrate in the lanternfly. probably a key reason they are so distasteful to typical predators.
  5. today felt like a legitimate beach day hey @MJO812 do cops get to wear shorts?
  6. 80s tomorrow and then Saturday before the frontal passage, and the frontal passage still only gets us into the mid 60s. i try not to confound immediate weather with climate change but jesus christ this is a bizarre October
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