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  1. i imagine (a.k.a. no clue what i'm talking about) that it's difficult or impossible for one all-encompassing model to be built due to constraints of money and computing power, and instead models are built with certain compromises, make certain assumptions, which may lead to specific biases. and then meteorologists are tasked with using their expertise and experience to sort through all of the noise and determine what models are coming up with the best solutions that make the most sense. in essence, the final model is the forecaster, taking an ensemble and reducing it to a forecast. or not, idk.
  2. mid 70s for most of the area tomorrow, accumulation should be limited to the north and west.
  3. this weather is (no accounting for personal tastes) perfect. perfect. it felt wonderful to be outside today, and basically that's what we have to look forward to until Wednesday. and honestly, we basically need a warm winter this year with coronavirus afoot and rapidly getting out of control. the restaurants and bars need the outdoor dining opportunities, outdoor recreation and exercise is safest, and viruses tend to survive better in colder and drier environments. i wouldn't mind punting on winter this year.
  4. if my calculations are correct it will not snow the next 5 years, which is almost 10 years. it could be *counts on fingers* 2045 before it snows again will you guys just let the winter play out a bit sheesh, it's November 3rd.
  5. well we're going to have to see what emerges if/when it gets back over water. it's not a huge storm and its core is going to be dragging its nuts over some pretty mountainous areas in Honduras for a good chunk of time.
  6. wow. what're the odds the season's last storm is its most powerful? unless, of course, the atmosphere intends to keep spawning storms through late fall...
  7. just chatting here. usually with a big warm front pulling away and the resultant ET strengthening we are treated to strong dry cold winds. but right now it's so still that it's not cold at all. i usually hate the day-after of a big storm with clear skies and screaming cold dry winds but here in Piscataway it's still, sorta humid, nice and comfy to be outside.
  8. storm seems to have performed more or less as advertised, hours and hours of rain mostly moderate in intensity and sometimes heavy. i think it's moved a little slower than i expected.
  9. haven't seen much sun lately, socked in with clouds yet again as i leave work.
  10. snow or no snow, we finally have something to track, and we could really use precipitation in whatever form it decides to take.
  11. i have a weather observation i observe this weather is boring it's so boring that if Metfan said "i think it's going to rain a quarter inch tomorrow" i'd give his post a weenie reaction
  12. how much for New Brunswick?