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  1. a sliver of a dark red moon on the western horizon, an inauspicious sign
  2. nice little cold front passage tonight, beautiful outside with the breeze
  3. think a storm is trying to get going over my head here in Middlesex--no radar return but you can see some convection on satellite
  4. watching the sunset from my high rise apartment as this dry breeze rolls through, post-workout, post-shower. drinking cold milk from the jug. this is the only time i’ve ever been happy
  5. the pollen seems to be imparting a haze to the air
  6. Tony is only capable of being genuine
  7. billions of years of evolution determined i had the highest possible chance of survival if i was pitifully allergic to tree pollen. my ancestors seducing cave women while sneezing, sniffling, rubbing their eyes. seems an unlikely story
  8. i can see lightning from middlesex, allentown really getting hammered
  9. couple nice cells out there
  10. nicest day of the year for some work outside
  11. i love rain and fog but 40s are too cold
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