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  1. i lied and i came back because i have nowhere else to go also i just want to say rclab, you are an incredibly pleasant person.
  2. i'll see you guys next week it looks like nothing exciting is happening for a bit
  3. counterpoint do you really want him to post
  4. i ate half a jar of Costco organic sauerkraut for dinner and two hours later i was farting so aggressively that my cat started hissing and clawing at me this post is half cry for help, half endorsement of sauerkraut. absolutely delicious.
  5. this is one of those statements i don't really have any evidence for but just *feel* is correct
  6. snowpack annihilation in progress. very nice day outside.
  7. i would like the mods to 5-post me. i will take it as a challenge, not a punishment. it will be incumbent on me not to waste posts making dumb jokes or talking about food. i'll have to learn how to read hodographs and soundings and actually do something with my life. right now what i do is, someone posts a sounding with incomprehensible squiggles, and says something dramatic like "this is the most severe TOR signature i've ever seen for Central Jersey," and i lean back from my computer and say "my god" and do this but i actually have no idea what's happening because i can barely read and write english let alone understand meteorology. i'm basically a huge dumbass but i love hanging out with you guys so thanks for not banning me yet. yet
  8. how's her ankle? sorry if i am confusing you for another poster but i thought your wife was the one who slipped down the steps.
  9. biggly yuge flakes in New Brunswick, some of the biggest and greatest flakes, everyone is saying it 33/29
  10. walking through the unusual snow-ice-snow layers outside makes me think i'm walking through a bowl of french onion soup i really need to lose some weight
  11. not gonna lie boys, i live for the snow thump. yes yes we are all super enthusiasts who enjoy 2 inch rainstorms, 24 inch snowstorms, and probably a few of you are legally insane and enjoy those days in the winter where it just blows 40 mph of 0% humidity freezer burn air onto your face the entire day. but more than anything i love that one hour of atmospheric puke. is it snow? here's 3"/hr. is it lightning? it's falling all around you for the next 15 minutes. gimme gimme that sweet convection.
  12. yeah it's kind of neat as a novelty but the weather in front of us could be insane if it's even 50% of worst case. like i said earlier about borderline temps, we could thread the needle in either direction with these upcoming events.