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  1. It is very nice out today. About 50 F, nice warm sun, bit breezy.
  2. Just based on the radar and the weather outside I'm thinking the rain forecast is going to bust pretty low.
  3. It's going to have to snow pretty hard for anything to accumulate. I'm thinking melting flakes at the shore, probably 1-2" N&W.
  4. Forky nailed it months ago... we're Atlanta with snow.
  5. Regardless of impacts to our locale... this is the second massive, impactful, country-spanning system in a week. It's nice to see the shift.
  6. Absolutely agree. To borrow an investing phrase, people are "reaching for yield" because the shorter-term forecasts are brutal for snow chances, and we're looking into less-reliable products hoping for hope. Also since this is the general OBS thread I'd like to OBS that it's brutally cold outside and my body is not ready because I was hiking in shorts last weekend and I have no idea what's going on anymore.
  7. That's not what the sentence says. It's complete gibberish. And the point is complete gibberish too, since nothing is more poised to disband the status quo than climate change. My interests are less in the realm of status quo disruption and more along the lines of Miami not being an underwater National Park within my lifetime.
  8. Everything since they have nothing to do with one another. I have no idea what this sentence is trying to say. Nah bro you're the dumb.
  9. Well you're definitely getting some warm(ish) and rain the next two days. We might see some ridging this winter that allows for a warm and dry scenario. I think some model posts showed it in this thread.
  10. Probably a bit aggressive but dunno if it's a fully-wienerable prediction, given how often we've seen warmth significantly undermodeled. It's a strong signal to keep an eye on.