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  1. look at that hook in the TOR, wow
  2. as was foretold in the prophecy
  3. “derecho vs school bus” was the name of my metal band in high school
  4. seeing some convection flare over the core of the low retrograding towards VA/NC. thunderstorm activity likely influenced by the gulf stream. this definitely needs to be watched for a Sandy-like cyclogenesis. i have already informed my newsletter subscribers to stock up on bread, milk, and condoms.
  5. look just reply to my post if you think this is going to be a cool summer so that when it’s 96/80 at 1 AM in Newark this September i can dunk on your stupid post, weenie you, call you a nerd etc
  6. jesus it’s dry i need chapstick for this shit
  7. deep blue sky. almost purplish. this is what it looks like out west when it’s dry like this all the time.
  8. so bored can we have a life-altering flood event already please
  9. seeing flashes from those storms, kind of surprised
  10. can anyone who can interpret soundings tell me if this is a decent setup for lightning tonight?
  11. rclab kicking off spring banter with the best post of the season we are in the presence of greatness
  12. got a video of the fire at the Pepsi plant behind my house in Piscataway, but i took it vertically and i was loudly chewing gum so i won’t post it
  13. here, i have your summer forecast from May 15th to September 30th 94/77 every single day, no wind ever, showers and thunderstorms. some of the storms may contain heavy spotted lanternflies. oh and at least one tornado outbreak because that's our thing now too enjoy it, it'll be the most comfortable summer of the rest of our lives
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