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  1. Will - Rutgers

    Major Hurricane Michael

    The daytime ground floor eye and eyewall video from Michael is going to be its legacy. Here's a strong Cat 4 making landfall while strengthening during the day, with abundant stormchasers and their gear in position to intercept, all over the place. This stuff hardly exists anywhere else, and at this quantity. The future of meteorology and technology (and climate change, arguably) promise more of this, but for now, this storm is the king, undisputed IMO.
  2. Will - Rutgers

    Major Hurricane Michael

    I'd never fully appreciated it until now but it really is astonishing how technology has changed meteorology. Dramatically and very quickly. The oldest tool in the kit is, I guess, the recon plane (besides surface stations). And now we have surface stations that transmit wirelessly and through satellite, we have GOES-16 delivering astonishing detail on every aspect of a storm in nearly real time, and we have the infrastructure that allows people inside of a storm to broadcast video of it in real time to the entire world. Not to mention numerical weather prediction with reliability now measured beyond hours, and well into the range of several days for at least most basic details. To me it all culminates in the shot of the stadium effect from inside the eye at the surface. Someone said it earlier, that shot was Fermi's last theorem of weather. Disseminated within minutes or a few hours or so of being taken. Everything I talked about feeds into that, and turns the science into a work of art.
  3. Will - Rutgers

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Thanks for the reference. Fujita really was the man.
  4. Will - Rutgers

    October 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    I'm curious to look at the FSU phase space diagrams as this thing exists the coast to see just how ET it really is. What's shown by the HWRF looks more like something approaching the coast than something from the FL panhandle.
  5. Will - Rutgers

    Major Hurricane Michael

    I would like to ask the knowledgable a question about the eyewall mesovortices, do those circulations have winds that mix down that are stronger than the surrounding eyewall, and in what direction are the winds actually moving with respect to the center of the mesovortex? They must be too broad to form tornado-like circulations, but at the surface would you see something that looked like a couplet (but not as tight?)
  6. Will - Rutgers

    Major Hurricane Michael

    What are those winds, 100 MPH? At a certain point it's just hard to tell. Just looks like a giant tornado.
  7. Will - Rutgers

    Major Hurricane Michael

    The core took hours to even hiccup.
  8. Will - Rutgers

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Really taking his time spinning down. This is going to produce prodigious rain once the extratropical cyclogenesis cranks, because it hasn't had a whole lot of time to rain itself out and it was going nuts with convection right up to landfall. There's just a big bucket of water in the atmosphere ready to be tipped over.
  9. Will - Rutgers

    Tornado/Severe Threat 10/2/18

    There's a lot of depth in this line, storm keeps pretending it's done and the wind and rain ramp right back up. Some very long lightning strokes too, a few lasting two or three seconds.
  10. Will - Rutgers

    October 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    Given the action already, this could be one of the most severe TOR outbreaks in the area in quite a while. Wasn't expecting that today.
  11. Will - Rutgers

    September 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    Been a fair while since it was this windy (and it's not even that windy). I think that SW flow event in early August with the devastating E PA rains was the last time it was this windy. I mean mostly it's been a slog of still, humid air. The change of pace is refreshing but abrupt.
  12. there's a better chance michael jordan wakes up with a full head of hair
  13. Will - Rutgers

    Post the last date you see a firefly in your neighborhood

    Saw my last one on the 19th, there's some moderate warmth forecasted next week but it looks like these guys may be done.
  14. Will - Rutgers

    September 2018 Discussions & Observations Thread

    Fall is right. Crisp night outside. No wind and mostly cloudy.
  15. Will - Rutgers

    Meteorological Fall 2018 Banter

    I gave you a sad because I do not want to live under the authority of the mushrooms.