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  1. 1 hour ago, Isotherm said:


    I'm at -4.2 for March, with a mean temp of 36.9F. For comparison, February had a mean temp of 40.7F! This month's temperatures are more akin to December.

    My maximum temperature this March has been 58F, which is lower than my max in Dec (65), Jan, (63), and Feb (78). A maximum temperature in the upper 50s is fairly cool even in mid winter, nevermind March. Really demonstrates the -NAO blocking effectiveness in precluding significant warm-ups.

    This week now looks to struggle in the 50s. I may not hit 60F this March, which must be almost record breaking.

    The other impressive thing is that we achieved these departures without any real cold to work with in Canada. Given the intensity of the pattern we just witnessed the last few weeks, I think we got off kind of easy as far as temps go.

  2. 2 hours ago, gravitylover said:

    Say hello to springtime. Yes this is today 20 minutes from my house. 


    I was very impressed by the amount of snow on the ground by Harriman State Park when I was up that way last week. Went there to take some pictures, but couldn't even move around the trails without being thigh deep in snow. Definitely the deepest winter I've seen in the area this late in the season.

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  3. Most of the models are kind of past their usefulness for a system like this--at least until the ccb and banding sets up. But from everything we've seen so far, this storm is probably going to be one of those deals where places like Eastern Monmouth are getting blitzed while New Brunswick is 34 and rain/white rain. Given the state of the broader global pattern right now, I'd place my bets on something interesting happening over meh, though.  

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