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  1. From the Mid Atlantic Forum: Both the 12z Euro and 18z Rgem have the mesoscale feature that rolled through NOLA today developing into a weak low off of NC. In both cases, that low gums things up and impedes the progress of our main low, allowing the cold air to rush in and for the system to amp up a bit more.
  2. Hey all I hate to be that guy but as of right now whats it looking like for the Morgantown area? Im planning on traveling that day but If the roads start crapping out Ill nix it, are we in line with the general 2-4 thinking or more/less by us? Greatly Appreciated.
  3. Been busy the last few days how am I looking in Morgantown? If I get snow should I not post pics? Emotions seem high, Challenging times.
  4. sleet with a few snowflakes in Centreville, not expected
  5. Nice Car topper in Morgantown. Really small flakes coming down sitting on the southern edge of the system. 23 degrees.
  6. Hi everyone, was planning on driving from Morgantown to Cleveland Saturday to see the Browns game and go back sunday night. Dont want to make the trip if there is going to be snow on the roads Sunday, should I be worried or is the time frame more Monday? Thanks.
  7. Paying the 6 bucks to go see them play on Sunday, hope its snowing at least..
  8. Sheesh alright thanks for the advice!
  9. Hey everyone, starting my first year in morgantown. Anyone able to tell me what I might expect up here this winter?
  10. Man oh man the city is going to be shut down for days.. hell 2 inches does that.. this will be Catastrophic
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