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  1. Still falling in Harnett County, only warm surface kept this from being a nice little March event!
  2. Reports of snow across the area. Pinehurst, So Pines, Spring Lake and Fayetteville join Lillington and Sanford. We've got a nice dusting as the temp drops to 33, DP at 30.
  3. And, as I was letting the cat out in Harnett Co., we're getting a wave of tiny snowflakes, like a mist of snow.Temp 35, DP 26.
  4. Spoke too soon ... stray flakes have just been recorded in FAY. Air temp is 42 degrees, so there's some COLD air aloft!
  5. First report from the Sandhills. Tiny flakes reported near Sanford. Temp is 35 degrees, DP 25.
  6. Snow can overcome a lot of things, given the right circumstances. But I have no expectation it can top this in FAY.
  7. 41 in Harnett Co, DP of 24 ... hope springs eternal, even if snow doesn't!
  8. A Winter Weather Advisory has been posted for a strip of inland SC/NC coastal counties.
  9. Naw: Everyone is just getting some early sleep to watch the snowfall later.
  10. There's no sin in wishcasting ... as long as you realize you're doing it. It's like wishing on a fluffy white lottery ticket.
  11. 12Z GFS offers no salvation for NC hopes. There's just no moisture to work with, it appears.
  12. All I can say about the NAM ... I admire its spunk for this storm.But when your bullseye for a March storm is Florence, SC ... and a foot at that ... I think there's shenanigans afoot!
  13. There's snow on Sunday morning ... just not enough to get up early to watch. And it looks like rain for all but the mountains with the second system. Unless, of course, the NAM can pull a rabbit out of its hat. And I can hear Rocky Squirrel now:
  14. That was an interesting run ... and anytime FAY is your bullseye, you've gotta wonder.
  15. NAM appears to blossom after Hour 57 ... it was a sheared mess up to then.