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  1. OntarioWX

    Southern Ontario Weather Discussion

    Awesome storm. Really hard to tell but I'm estimating a rough 17-20cm here in Hamilton. Will wait for the official measurement to be sure. Took some pics. Incredibly stupid of EC to not have issued at least Snowfall Warnings. Virtually every model (except perhaps the RGEM) showed a minimum 15cm in the GTA. There was no reason for them to NOT issue warnings. Most of the public was caught vastly off-guard with this storm. One of EC's responsibilities is to protect people's lives by adequately informing us when dangerous weather is coming, but their gross incompetency has led me to lose almost all trust in their abilities. Some serious discussion needs to happen, but it won't.
  2. OntarioWX

    Southern Ontario winter '13-'14 Discussion part II

    I'm sitting in Hamilton right now and can confirm that it's snowing nicely here. Visibility down to almost 1/2 a mile and decent flake size.
  3. OntarioWX

    December 13-14th Winter Storm Part 2

    Yeah, some very light flurries have been falling in Hamilton for a while. Nothing special but it's kind of impressive that it's been snowing almost continuously here since early Friday morning.
  4. OntarioWX

    December 13-14th Winter Storm Part 2

    It's actually only a mile from Mac, Westdale High.
  5. OntarioWX

    December 13-14th Winter Storm Part 2

    Well, gosh. If you say so. These were taken about 90 minutes ago. It's been snowing moderately for a few hours now so we've probably picked up a few tenths since then. It was hard to get a handle on accumulations but I'd estimate 20-23cm on the grass. Will get more accurate totals tomorrow morning when it's all said and done. The wind and cold are brutal.
  6. OntarioWX

    December 13-14th Winter Storm Part 2

    Had to drive my roommate somewhere in Hamilton and the roads are pretty garbage. A lot of side streets are borderline impassable, especially in some of the hilly areas. Had to actually dig the car out of the parking lot because of a drift that had formed around it. I know that we were officially at 6" in Hamilton as of 4pm, and though snow has been mostly light since then we've probably picked up another inch or two. The drifting makes it hard to tell for sure though.
  7. OntarioWX

    December 13-14th Winter Storm Part 2

    It seems strange to believe now that on Thursday I was worried about even cracking 4". Now it seems like for a lot of us that 8" is a lock given that there's more than 4" down already and the synoptic stuff has barely started.
  8. OntarioWX

    December 13-14th Winter Storm Part 2

    Yeah, there's a few 8" reports coming out of that area and the synoptic still to come. The WSW was adequate. The wind is definitely not helping either.
  9. OntarioWX

    December 13-14th Winter Storm Part 2

    Starting to snow pretty good here in Hamilton. Picked up just over an inch in the last hour though it started to taper off just a few minutes ago where I'm at. Looks like the Hamilton-Oakville corridor is getting it pretty good from LES with some 30dbz returns very close by.
  10. OntarioWX

    December 13-14th Winter Storm

    Nice appetizer snow in Hamilton this morning that I wasn't expecting. Probably picked up close to an inch with decent snowfall rates since 11am. When I woke up and looked out the window I was confused because I thought that somehow I'd slept entirely through today and it was tomorrow morning already.
  11. OntarioWX

    Winter 2013-14 Discussion

    I'm really itching to have a snowy November. The last time we had a decent November was 2008, and I can't even recall the last time we had a true November snowstorm in this region (lake-effect not included.) I know it's still really unlikely but it would make me pretty happy. If not, I'd be content with having a good storm in the first half of December. At the very least, I hope we don't have to wait until December 20th for winter to actually start and have it not end until mid-April like last year.
  12. OntarioWX

    July 2013 General Discussion

    The Windsor Airport is at 10.3" of rain so far for the month of July, which is enough to place it in the #1 spot for wettest month on record. We still have another 10 days left to go in this month and it's not inconceivable that we could surpass the 12" mark given the way things have been going so far. Since June 1st, 16.4" of rain has fallen there.
  13. OntarioWX

    July 17th-21st Severe Thread

    Absolutely insane night. Was driving along the 401 towards Hamilton when the storms hit and the worst round was when I was arriving in Hamilton just after 9pm. Echoing what people have said about nonstop lightning - the sky was constantly being lit up for several hours straight with vivd CG strikes. The only light show I can recall that compares to this one was the August 24, 2011 storm outbreak in southern Ontario. The wind was incredible and the parking lot at our apartment building was flooded under more than half a foot of water in some places. Felt like a hurricane for a few minutes. My dad is reporting heavy damage in Blenheim, a small town in south Chatham-Kent along the shore of lake Erie. He says he's never seen a storm that bad since he's been there. At least several large trees down, power lines crushed throughout the town, and his basement flooded with several inches of water. He says they must have had at least 5 inches of rain or more since the back yard was under more than a foot of water, and the DTX radar is showing that 4-5 inches fell in a few hours there last night. Gonna be heading down to Blenheim later today to see what the damage at the house is and around town. Took a lot of video of the lightning in Hamilton and put some of the best shots into gif form. I think they turned out pretty well. These were all taken around 10pm last night.
  14. OntarioWX

    July 2013 General Discussion

    It's been an incredibly wet year in southwestern ON so far this year (not like this comes as a surprise.) Since January, Windsor has tallied 22.9" of precipitation, not including tonight's deluge. More than 7.3" of that has been since June 1st. Windsor averages about 32.0" of precipitation a year, and it averages at least another 18" for the rest of the year, so we're well on our way. Definitely won't come anywhere close to being as wet as 2011 was, but that year is in a league all on its own in terms of record-breaking precipitation. We had 62.2" of precipitation that year, with 20.7" falling from September - November alone. I'm not sure if I'll get to experience a year like that in the Midwest again.
  15. OntarioWX

    May 2013 General Discussion/Obs

    Temperature is 84F with the humidity making it feel like 100F out there today. Roasting.