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  1. Nittany88

    No Joaquin the park forecast for Mets

    "The NOAA G-IV aircraft has recently completed its synoptic surveillance flight, and data collected during this mission should be assimilated into the 0000 UTC models, hopefully reducing the spread of the track guidance."
  2. We've had some pretty heavy rain here with increased convergence as the front sagged south. Up to 1.51" at BTV.
  3. Nittany88

    A Summer September to remember

    The "Burlington Area" is the official climate database and is the combined thread of the UVM data from 1884-1943 and the Airport from 1943 onward. The "Burlington International Airport" is strictly airport data from 1940 onward, also showing the data from 1940-1943 when it was unofficial.
  4. Nittany88

    A Summer September to remember

    Burlington Area is the correct data-set. In 1942, the year of the 86F you write, Burlington Intl Airport was not the official climate site. The UVM data set is 1884 to 1943, then the airport from 1943 onward. There was some overlap 1940-1943 before the transition was made. Semantics lol. I actually didn't even check just the Intl Airport until you mentioned it.
  5. Nittany88

    A Summer September to remember

    Yeah the record high next Thursday is 84F at BTV and 80F at MPV. We should have no problem approaching those numbers. There's definitely a HUGE stepdown from this week till next in records, and Thursday is some low hanging fruit. Record High for the 12th (today) is 90F, then the next several days go 92, 89, 92, 92, 84, 87, 85. No 90 degree days ever recorded at BTV after the 16th.
  6. Nittany88

    2015 Tropical Season Thread

    I've got friends honeymooning in St Lucia next week, this could pose a problem.
  7. Nittany88

    Summer Doldrums Banter

    Anytime I've visited DC I've loved their Metro. Best one I've been in anyway on the East Coast.
  8. Nittany88

    NNE Winter: just can't compete with Maple Hollow.

    Still 80F at 10 PM, what a night.
  9. Nittany88

    Summer 2015 General Thunderstorm Thread

    Ping pong ball hail out of that cell that blew up off the ADK.
  10. Nittany88

    August 2015 Pattern and Disco

    Yeah an above normal fall is fantastic. Usually means a lot of 70s and sunshine instead of strato-cu and 50s.
  11. Nittany88

    NNE Winter: just can't compete with Maple Hollow.

    Low of only 71F here last night
  12. Nittany88

    Summer Doldrums Banter

    Lol I'd be leery going into that lake at any time.
  13. Nittany88

    NNE Winter: just can't compete with Maple Hollow.

    There's some pretttty heavy rain in those. Got drilled by two of them already.
  14. Nittany88

    Severe threat/ Heavy rain SE SNE 08/11 disco

    And that was on Monday!