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  1. Confirmed tornado crittenden county ky Radar cnofirmed and observed . I'm not an expert but I thought I saw a debris signature correct me If I am wrong please
  2. My sister is a wiccan witch . We are heading to Carhenge in Nebraska. Thousands of wicca people are converging there. I'm not wiccan. But it should be fun anyway.
  3. Another tornado warning for Cass county In. Near Walton.
  4. Tornado warning for Wabash and Huntington co In. PDS now. Radar confirmed. Howard co In funnel cloud reported over Kokomo. Edit Howard county Radar indicated at this time. Van Wert and Allen co ohio also Tornado warned added them to post when I edited it.
  5. More Tornado warnings. West central Huntington co. In 7 miles East of Wabash. May be same storm. Miami Co. Spotter confirmed tornado near Bunker Hill In or near Grissom air reserve base. Public confirmed tornado Mercer co Ohio in or near Rockford Ohio.
  6. New tornado warning Miami Co In. Weather spotters reported a funnel cloud.
  7. The 8.23 pm warning update says a confirmed tornado is over the North side of Wabash moving South East at 25 mph.
  8. New warning spotters reported a funnel cloud in Carrol Co In. near Montecello.
  9. 2 tornado warnings in central In . Cass county In warning cited spotted sighted funnel cloud. Also a tornado warning in carroll co indiana. add miami co Spotters reported a funnel cloud near Chili in. Wabash co in warning locations impacted Wabash.
  10. The strong winds are picking up topsoil. The planted farm field across the road is trying to visit my kitchen. I've had to sweep piles of topsoil out from between my storm door and kitchen door 3 times this afternoon.
  11. I kind of thought so too.
  12. Listening to wxj57 in South Bend In at 2.45 pm .Minus 110f to-120 windchills all week.
  13. Wait for severe wx. I think some only post then. Something I noticed is this. V back V has been beaten to death on the forum. Maybe people are bored.
  14. Gotcha. I should have confirmed what I heard on tv before saying it was confirmed.