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  1. Hey Showmethesnow, Thank you for your analysis that you post on the forum. enjoy reading it; I don’t post much but next winter, provided i”m still alive will purchase the weather model special in the fall and and try to keep up with everyone. Have a good week!

    Jeff from Manassas

  2. To PSU, CAPE, Bob Chill and those that make this wx forum come to life thank you! I read the remarks and learn a bit more. I’m a lifelong DC resident about to hit 50 yrs of age and think my first wx memory was Hurricane Agnes. I’m a snow lover first and foremost ever since I was 7 or 8. PSU thanks for keeping this winter wx hope on life support. Each winter seems to have a personality of it’s own, this winter is sure strange....the discussions explain why it’s so hard for snow to fall here this year. A 4” snow really would be wild if it occurred this March. Will end as I started and say thanks and will keep the faith