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  1. Any chance this initial burst of precipitation will help inoculate the areas under it?
  2. Yeah, downtown. Sorry for not clarifying.
  3. We haven't wasted QPF. Everything started late.
  4. 33 and snowing for 20 mins dtown Durham. Sticking on grass.
  5. I'll feel better when Durham finally budges from 35. Been stuck there for eternity.
  6. Snowing hard downtown Durham. It's beautiful.
  7. Pulled into my destination in S. Durham right as the hail started. Car got pelted with large hail.
  8. This is banter. There are plenty of places you guys can go to idiotically bash Durham like CityData Forum.
  9. Not sure. We saw 85 mph report out of Gastonia earlier.
  10. I don't know about the rest of the Triangle, but the nasty cell in Seagrove looks like it's heading right for Durham.