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  1. 72" in Shelton, CT...thanks for continuing this every year!
  2. Hi Kevin, can you please add me with 18"? Thanks
  3. What do you guys think about the timing to fert trees? I have fert sticks for deciduous trees and granular for arborvitaes ready to go. The theory in my head is to get it down very soon so when the trees "wake up" the soil is ripe for them...
  4. Sad...some people don't realize how much of an impact a year like this has on VT's economy. I'm sure VAST enrollment this year is close to an all time low...
  5. I haven't rode in years, however I've never seen a trail report this sad going into pres day weekend.. Edit: this is dated 2/5, but I don't think its changed all that much
  6. Any front end up there? I'm near krut on Tuesday...
  7. No, please send. Thanks for doing this public service, good stuff!
  8. + 1" inch. We can't self update anymore?
  9. It happens a lot these days... 4" in Shelton so far. The surprise band continues to rot overhead....8 hours and counting...
  10. This over performer is worth coming back for!
  11. Closing in on 8"...ridiculous rate right now
  12. Yes, its a great looking tree and holds it flowers for much of the summer...however by mid summer I need to keep a 15 foot radius away from it when mowing due to hundreds of bees doing their thing with it...