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  1. Well, that Its cold for sure, now....hahaha What an awful under-performing system for many...Congrats on those who got some wintry weather for sure, but this one will be a very good learning experience. In the end, the weather will do what the weather is going to do, that still will never change. NAM did a very good job with showing what prob would be the final outcome. When it came a little north with the SFC low and delayed the change over for many, I thought it was out to lunch, because it was not consistent with other models, but guess did the best job once we got in within 48 hours.....IMHO.....*with regards to thermals and low track* we ended up with 1.15" of rain which was under performing as well. Hey, at least the drought should be gone, right? lol
  2. 1 thing that I am going to pay really close attention to is the heaviest qpf band that rolls through, Lookout pointed this out earlier today, because models are showing near 0c pockets at 850 during those.
  3. weather update on FB live shortly if yall want to come by and say hello and talk about the storm.
  4. agreed!! Selfishly, I'm glad the south shift...I know it really won't happen that way, but its colder here for sure....GFS is not very far off from being super nice...need a little temp help.
  5. Im sorry...NAM and RGEM look unrealistic....if the globals start going that way, ok...I will take notice for sure.
  6. I noticed that as well...I would think I could have a shot at the dynamic cooling max around here since I will have the heaviest precipitation rates.
  7. looks like NAM is attaching itself to the NB features on this other models are doing this right now...
  8. It's honesty a disservice to the public. I don't understand why a lot of them just look at FFC and repeat what they say. As you and cheese has said there is plenty of data suggesting much more is possible. All modelse are trending colder and "wetter"
  9. Ya I thought it was as well. Euro and gfs even have a T-2" down here. Yalls way was way better last night's runs for sure. As you know.
  10. Agreed. Great runs tonight. I would look for the models to slow a little more in qpf timing and trend even colder.
  11. What a great trend for most of us in regards to tempws and timing...slowed down a bit was DEF colder this run...