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  1. DrOldSchool

    December 16-18 Winter Storm Threat

    https://www.periscope.tv/w/1vAGRdPOwpkxl Video of crashes on I-465 in NW Indy near I-865 from the ISP.
  2. DrOldSchool

    December 16-18 Winter Storm Threat

    Indianapolis is a total mess right now from the freezing drizzle. Basically every highway is a parking lot full of crashes.
  3. DrOldSchool

    January and #HECS2016 Banter Thread

    Laughing at the GFS from Indiana and rooting for you guys. This is the first snowstorm for my mother who lives near Frederick since my father passed away during the holidays. He always loved snow, she loathes it. Maybe you can thank him for this up there, haha. Enjoy it!
  4. Wbir.com for Knoxville TV coverage, though I agree with the above assessment of their questionable coverage Used to live in Knoxville and remember sitting in the closet a few times late at night like this, including 2 years ago on the same night as the infamous Tuscaloosa tornado.
  5. DrOldSchool

    April 2014 discussion

    The pinging against my window begs to differ. It's a mixed bag
  6. DrOldSchool

    April 2014 discussion

    Flipped to sleet and ice here in Westfield. Cars covered, some white patches in grass
  7. Measured 12" fresh before the rain around noon. 20-21" of snowpack in the yard. Took me all afternoon to shovel my driveway. Photo is only 1/2 of it.
  8. DrOldSchool

    2/13/2014 Major Coastal Storm Observations

    Getting crushed here in Westfield. The city plow has already been through my side street more times this morning than the last few storms combined.
  9. DrOldSchool

    February 4th-5th Storm Observations

    Almost unfathomable to see how heavy it is snowing, and then flipping between snow and sleet while doing it here in Westfield. I'd eyeball estimate around 2" already
  10. DrOldSchool

    July 2013 Observations and Discussions

    183 with the heat index in Cranford seems just a little bit high, even for today.
  11. Same here. My yard, house, and garage are covered in Westfield. Had friends over from Cranford Friday night and they were dumbfounded as they had yet to see any at all.
  12. DrOldSchool

    Hurricane Sandy OBS (Part ii)

    Night 2 without power. Getting chilly in here but I'm bundled up, though I'm not spending another night in here without power. Woke up to a 20' or so tree down in my back yard. Most neighbors have similar damage. Didn't get a chance to explore the town but ill do that tomorrow. Looking at things in here, and knowing how many folks are without power like me, I think I got off easy.
  13. DrOldSchool

    Late June 2012 storms

    Happen to be visiting my folks between New Market and Mt. Airy MD. Had the brightest and loudest crack of lightning I've seen/heard. Power flickered afterwards but it knocked out the water pump, dads desktop, cable modem, router, cable tv, and some window candle bulbs. Scary stuff.