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  1. dr dew getting backdoored more often than those days listening to little eva's "The locomotion" his best friend's basement.
  2. How did your April forecast turn out? The first one from around the 20th of March, not the six subsequent.... it's only the 20th, but since you're looking at May, might as well, score it now. zero.
  3. i said that a while back, look up my post...
  4. i'm sure you'll check in 30 or so times from you phone, so we'll see ya in 15...
  5. anyone here on man collective or ikon? I just switched from mc to ikon. Just got back from Utah last night, mid winter blower at Solitude, almost 4 feet, both days were free with my 19/20 ikon pass. Heading to banff, ab with my 18/19 mountain collective the week after easter, then squaw May 11th to use my free tix there. maybe Mammoth in June this year??
  6. wtf....
  7. Are you referring to Wednesday or Friday?
  8. wow, my dog was actually more accurate in this timeframe...
  9. lol...model hugger...heyyyy there lonely boyyyy..........lonely booooyyyyy
  10. Lol, you don’t rule out anything!!
  11. Wow, wut??? APril fools lol!!!
  12. What happened to warm and high dews through April, dew? Better go back to met school! My phone does a better job...
  13. All that estrogen from those 16oz 8% hoppy beers they’re pounding...manly 34c cup size for many...
  14. Exactly haha...and now they’re all sooth sayers and can read emotions in text on a weather board. This place is like a big girls high school clique sometimes, love it.... simple questions girls, don’t get your granny panties in a bunch over it.
  15. *consumed* lol you need to get out more...
  16. Isn’t that what this board is for? Weather isn’t a perfect science and what would tip do without the ability to write novels about ots storms? And dr dew hedging every other post so he’s always right lol
  17. I only care bc I plan on going to Vermont next Thursday, I’m in Utah until Tuesday night anyway and enjoying copious amounts of snow. All I asked for is clarification d-bag.
  18. 3 paragraphs in,and it could be interpreted that the midweek result could influence your prior tworwo paragraphs.
  19. You talking Wed or Friday?
  20. Shhh..dr dews acts like he knows more than he leads on....hasn’t been right yet since he started posting. He sets his alarm in 3 hour increments and lives aNd breathes off each model run, stick a forky fork in him, he’s done...
  21. That’s two weeks away! Might as well be next December.