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  1. I experienced the same through Waterbury. Stopped at the village mkt around 8 and it was dumping when I came outside. Stoked the Jeep chilled my beer without dumping it from Waterbury to Waitsfield!
  2. 17 degrees and puking in Waitsfield- was sipped to end by 8,
  3. Heavy snow on the Bolton access road , 26 degrees only to return to frizzle and sleet at the base of Bolton, 29 degrees. putting the orca back in the car haha
  4. So when you mention heat building rapidly after this 20 or so period of cold in the northeast, do you mean nationwide or just in the east? Do you think the negative PNA reasserts itself after this cold shot?
  5. For anyone just joining the fray, here's your 64 page summary in 11in words: Could be snow, could be mix, could be nothing. Stay tuned.
  6. lets talk about the wave that develops on the cold front 2/5, it's only a week out as of tomorrow, but looks like the next best chance for New England.
  7. lol..I was only breaking balls...I could care less about the content in here....mods aren't doing their this model mayhem is getting to you!
  8. this is supposed to be a Feb Discussion thread, but it quickly morphed into a single storm thread....secs starved weenies, INCUDING mods!!!!
  9. You can't make this stuff up...
  10. wow..there's a hedge if there ever was must be a met. never wrong.
  11. all of them...they all show that a low ytd snow total on January 23rd isn't an anomaly and doesn't automatically mean a shit show for the rest of winter.
  12. way to set the bar super low, it can only get better from here!