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  1. I almost wonder if there is some type of orographic stuff going on with the NW breeze and the returns struggling to make much progress eastward. Parts of the Atlanta metro are at like 1100-1200' compared to maybe 600-800 once you get towards Dalton?
  2. Been snowing steadily finally in the north ATL metro. Maybe we can squeak an inch with how slow the radar returns are moving
  3. Kirk Mellish with wsbradio calling for around an inch for NE burbs. I'm not holding my breath, I think we're just on the wrong side of this tight gradient. Still fun to watch the panic though!
  4. 1600' just north of Dahlonega. Very rough roads. This is what I do on my days off haha!
  5. 77/46 feels great today. Mad Mex had a line around the block here in town ($6 unlimited burritos and outdoor seating!)
  6. Beautiful day here. Gonna start needing AC within the next couple weeks, I still think it's crazy that a lot of the older apartments here don't come with it as a standard feature
  7. Solid dusting here now with some awesome big flakes coming down.
  8. Decent stuff heading this way. It better start puking snow if we want to see 2-3" with this sun angle/temps
  9. Averages are creeping to to mid 40s across the area,getting real sick of these persistent cold snaps.
  10. The squalls were definitely one of the highlights. Also the long duration snowpack. I've come to understand that we're not likely to get a foot plus like the 95 corridor sometimes gets, so just having a lot on the ground is some small consolation for that haha
  11. Beautiful out today, had to crack the car window to cool off. The melting's been quick but not a 50 degree rainstorm kind of quick, which is nice. I'm still holding out for a late season snow storm but I certainly won't complain if we torch to 60+ later on this month.
  12. Wow at the KTHV low this morning. "Only" 2 this morning on the car thermo (which I've noticed to be decently close to accurate). I'm sure there will be one more threat to track, especially for the folks further north, but I'll be sad to see this snowpack melt. I'm sure it'll be gone pretty soon once we hit the 40s, but probably not fast enough to cause flooding concerns.
  13. I feel like you have a good bit more than we do up here. I'd estimate 6-8" on average with much less in exposed spots. It's brutal out there once again with no real new snow to show for it sadly.
  14. PSU closed for 2 days I believe for Sandy in 2012 since some of y'all have been bringing up here. I'm almost certain they closed either that year or the year before also for snow.