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  1. mo snow mo happiness

  2. i think i remember the 89' turket event.....there appeared to be a good 6 inches of snow falling.
  3. nice memory from last year ....MLK storm. I had a friend who bought a house on the same street i grew up on in raynham, ma. I was excited to get the invite to a buddies house ..next town over b/c the storm was supposed to have heavier accums further south.....and i lived about 40 miles north of that. During the party the topic turned to weather and i was saying how there was gonna be a sharp cut off somewhere and that i hoped the snow would hurry up and get in here. A few minutes later i had my buddy turn on the computer and i was just tryin to get a look at the radar. Big heavy band rippin at the s. coast and leading edge of flurries only about an hour or so out ahead of it. I was pumped.....first real snow storm since i left for fl 9 years ago. I went from socializing and hanging out by the bar to hanging out by the nearest window that had a good view of a street light. My trained eye studied the dark space looking for one lone flurry to start things off. Finally the flurries comenced, and low and behold by the time i had done a bit more socializing and looked out again the ground was covered and the temp had dropped a good five degrees. In the next two hours approx 3.5 inches of snow fell and the visibility was about 1/8 of a mile sometime after midnite for the ride home. It was heaven. Woke up that morning and grabbed my gf's iphone radar....looked at public info totals and saw places in ct and ri as well as cape nearing 2 feet. There was approx. 15 inches that morning ....biggest storm i have witnessed since returning. Only bad news was back home in Burlington there was maybe 7 inches of snow/ pure powder. Too bad the storm wasn't another 60 miles north. Other than that the retrograding low last year was cool because the winds were howling and the visibilty was near zero fot a time driving down route 93 from haverhill, ma around 1 or so am.
  4. i remember opening up my deck door during the 92' nor'easter and being in awe at the wind ...i think i stared out there for a full minute or two......then when i woke up i was happy when i saw the measly 3 inches or so in raynham, ma......until i turned on the weather....and everyone else was buried. very cool to ride out to diamon hill that afternoon and i was shocked how in the parking lot there was a good 18 inches at the base of the hill. i was like WTF.....and craved elevation ever since. also i remember not sure what year ....but sometime in the mid 90's 94-96....maybe 97......that we have a very deep snow pack in raynham, ma (Bristol county) i think near 30 inches or so....that was cool as we had storms of over a foot in near succession. april fools day was awesome but i was more into working out and baseball at the time and wasn't fully in weennie mode during the event. i loved the snow....but had to shovel off some dome in bridgewater raynahm of 2 feet of mashed potatoes. storm of century (was in full weenie mode)......was salivating at NYC snowfall rates .....got about 10-11 inches then turned to sleet around 5pm then rain right after....i remember i head providence got like 3 inches in an hour the morning after and i got flurries (raynham, ma) THE WORST part was my damn neighbor was on vacation and i told him i would shovel his driveway....HOLY SH($%%! there was 4-5 inches of LITERAL ICE BLOCK then i used a damn pick axe to work on for the better part of 2 days....he then paid me like 30$ . i think i may have egged his house later that week. oh and not sure if WILL knows what i'm talking about based on the generalization that follows i think it was in the early to mid 90's and there was one winter morning where the temperature went from about -4 to about 38 degrees in ONE morning....and then i think it rained.....i may have cried that day.