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  1. Not liking how SW NH S VT radar is looking for next few hrs here in N Andover
  2. What an airmass I am interested to see how accumulations go after 11am with the strong sun angle and light-mod rates I like ORH county 500'+ for advisory snows based on radar and temps
  3. Thank you I like the area. I figure I may be close to the coastal front at times in winter, but I think this area usually holds the cold (except perhaps in a early season coastal). I will miss sort of being out of the game for good ice storms by a about 5 miles or so but we shall see. Closer to the ocean does have some positives.
  4. Just completed the Move to N Andover from Nashua I'm literally in the Andover/N Andover/Lawrence line I got an inch in Nashua this A.M, looking at radar at 2am, I thought it would blossom further and when I woke to an inch I knew the widespread 2-4 idea didn't pan out Here's hoping we can get rates to overcome the April sun angle
  5. N of pike by more than 5 miles ....and you didn't see much That larger area of 2-4" seemed to not occur except in a 25-30 mile area where there maybe a spot 5" lolli
  6. Nice! Although I don't notice a big difference
  7. As a boundary sinks south from NNE today, temps will fall and some snow and ice could create travel headaches starting in NNE and heading into N Mass later tonite Let's get some obs or disco going here The BTV WRF and Hi Res nam have been showing below freezing temps reaching Mass border around 6am Thur Am, and the back door front going thru Boston around Mid afternoon knocking temps down from 60's to 40's
  8. Had 6.5 in Nashua of the fluffiest almost "see thru" snow I have seen
  9. 6.5 was final at 9am in S Nashua Portland looks like they got prob 8-10
  10. Shade over 6 inches on unsheltered areas Still snowing
  11. Been snowing hard most of the time here in S Nashua , going to measure as huge flakes are still falling