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  1. Burbank (and the San Fernando Valley in general) always seems to be one of the warmest parts of the Los Angeles area from what I've noticed over the years.
  2. greg ralls

    Potential storm February 12-13 2014

    LOL, well it's in-between model runs and there have also been some forum issues - I keep getting that error message.
  3. greg ralls

    Vendor Forecast Discussion

    I agree. It's much better to start low and keep increasing the amounts as the snowstorm gets closer than to call for two feet of snow and look bad if only 4" falls.
  4. greg ralls

    Vendor Forecast Discussion

    I'd say they look spot on from this far out.
  5. greg ralls

    February 4-5 Snow, Ice, Sleet, Rain Obs

    1994 was far worse in terms of ice, and as the years have passed, I began to think I'd never see anything that rivaled it (which this does, at least in terms of impact). I was without power for days back in 1994 (lived in West Chester), but thankfully have had no power loss here in Collegeville. I feel for the people who are cold & in the dark right now.
  6. greg ralls

    E PA/NJ/DE/Okle: Banter/Non Storm OBS thread

    High water content, I believe.
  7. greg ralls

    February 3rd Snowstorm Obs

    38 with dewpoint of 36 here.
  8. greg ralls

    January 2-3 Winter Storm Potential

    I know I definitely fear the chance of a dryslot. Maybe they took that into account.
  9. greg ralls

    E PA/NJ/DE/Okle: Banter/Non Storm OBS thread

    Flurrying in King of Prussia.
  10. greg ralls

    January 2-3 Winter Storm Potential

    Thanks, Ray! It is truly wonderful to look forward to this storm and the chance of subzero temps.
  11. greg ralls

    Should Philly and NYC be merged back together?

    This is why I love the other forum. I'm there all the time, but I rarely post because I don't have anything intelligent to add. The extent of my meteorology education was MET 003 Intro to Meteorology at Penn State Delaware County back in the fall of 1994 (though I was a tutor for the class, and that is something), so I mostly just sit back while reading & learning.
  12. greg ralls

    E PA/NJ/DE/Okle: Banter/Non Storm OBS thread

    Can't blame you - I moved to collegeville nearly 2 years ago and was looking forward to putting on my cross-country skis and heading out on the Perkiomen Trail. Obviously, given the 2 previous winters, I haven't yet had the opportunity.