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  1. Did anything ever come of this? I'm assuming we still have the traditional risk categories for 2013.
  2. Agreed. This thread could certainly be crafted into a first-rate book of the disaster from the perspective of a resident.
  3. This is an amazing thread. One thing I hadn't remembered was that it had almost exactly double the death toll as in Joplin.
  4. The video itself was good, but the weird reverb effect put on the guy's voice was odd and seemed almost kind of hokey.
  5. It's a real bummer to hear about all of the people who are now dying from that fungus, who otherwise would've eventually recovered from their injuries suffered in the tornado. Ugh.
  6. Glad to hear you and your family is okay, JoMo! Sorry to hear about the loss of your friends, though. We all eagely await your accounts of that horrible evening and its aftermath.
  7. Yes, JoMO's house should be fine, if that is indeed where he lived. We all know how quickly this thing went from tornadogenesis to EF5, though, and while it would've been unwise, I'm not sure I could've resisted the urge to go outside and investigate at that point in the storm's cycle.
  8. I've never seen anything like what they're showing on TWC right now. Unreal.