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  1. Gained about another 1.5” to 2” last night. Puts where I am in boone at 7.5 inches! Not bad at all.
  2. Yep. Have a feeling this event is over for Boone. Looks like the precip downstream is just too Far East. It was a beautiful sight to see it today though. Maybe could get a little action tomorrow night?
  3. Intermittent light snow showers in Boone. Haven’t seen any steady snow for more than an hour
  4. SREF jumped up to 7.5 here in Boone too.
  5. Yea. It has slacked off here. Hoping we can get 5 or 6 after all is said and done.
  6. Family in McDowell say they’re seeing a mix with primarily rain. Anyone else from our foothills seeing anything?
  7. Nice snow shower action in Boone now. Quick covering of cars.
  8. Nothing in the High Country yet, but now I’m excited. It feels like a storm is coming. Sorry for all the pessimism I’ve been burned a lot by storms recently. Let’s real this one in!
  9. Still not buying the precip being that abundant here in the High Country. Thinking we might eek out an inch or two here in Boone. Latest NAM seems to have adjusted southward some. Still hoping for more but not getting my hopes high.
  10. Seems like WLOS (Boyer) is saying that he is going with lower totals after today’s runs. Which seems odd.
  11. I’m confused as to why Mountain folks were getting so drawn into this system. Only the less reliable models were showing accumulating snow here. The GFS/EURO have been pretty steady in showing little to no snow in the mountains.
  12. I am still not biting. The GEFS actually looks a little less than 6z to me. I am still hoping for the best!
  13. Blah. I am happy that this December has been cooler and more enjoyable than the last two but it feels like a letdown to see nothing materialize from it for us.
  14. Yep. Hate to see us waste this cold air. Even that seems to modulating some on recent model runs.
  15. Last couple of model runs haven’t been quite as snowy for us in the mountains. At least the cold is still there. Hoping for something to sneak in!