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  1. Down to 11 in Old Fort. Coldest for the home place in a long time
  2. Woke up to a nice dusting of snow on the cars and grass this morning.
  3. Doug Miller (UNCA) and Baker Perry (App) have done some great work on NWFS. I definitely agree that I feel like we’ve seen a decrease in NWFS events in recent years. I remember in the 2000s it felt like I would see weekly winter weather advisories for the border counties. (Always made us foothill kids jealous during our snow droughts)
  4. Maybe the bad snow luck follows me around. Lived in Boone for a few years. I had one notable storm, and one year I was there, we barely hit 10" for the entire winter. Move to the triangle; I miss the Dec 2018 storm, and it hasn't snowed significantly since. Don't get me wrong, I've seen decent snows the last few years from traveling around but nothing like getting snow in your own backyard.
  5. Big fat flakes flying in Brevard again. Quite slowly but very pretty.
  6. Hope I can eek out an inch from that band in the SW but what an event!
  7. Bring it on! Love this mountain group. Been fun posting with all you today!
  8. Pounding here again. You can tell the sleet knocked some snow off but we’re piling it up again fast. ~12-13” I’m gonna have to buy me a place up here in Brevard. Absolutely beautiful.
  9. Honestly this might be the most impressive snow of the event for me.
  10. Haha! Definitely didn’t align with what I saw coming down the line
  11. Boyer says things are winding down and most folks should only expect about another inch. Hate the sleet compacted things down here but definitely worth the trip!
  12. HUGE flakes in Brevard now. Struggling to stat snow. Big fight between big fat flakes and just downpour of sleet
  13. Same here! Honestly haven’t seen sleet like this before. Still holding out hope for a switch back
  14. Had a bit of lull and back to heavy sleet in Brevard. Actually fun to catch some because they’re so perfectly round and clear
  15. Can be hard to tell at times because the sleet is knocking snow off the trees and the wind is blowing it around but back to VERY heavy sleet here in Brevard
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