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  1. 14" here and after a brief lull we are right back into a heavy band of snow!
  2. 11.5” here in Old Fort now. Really coming down but might have some sleet mixing in? How long do you guys think we keep the snow around today?
  3. 11inches and snow still falling hard.
  4. Really impressed with what fell overnight. 8” and trees are really starting to bend.
  5. Pretty heavy snow in Old Fort right now. Haven’t measured since around 9 but looks around 4 or 5 inches out there. Very pasty and sticking to everything
  6. Steady snow but not much accumulating as of yet. Ready to see how the night turns out
  7. Quick switchover to all snow. Hoping we can see the accumulation overcome the puddles and wet ground.
  8. Still rain down here. It’s actually been quite moderate at times.
  9. Not far from me at all. Definitely snowing along the higher peaks!