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  1. My folks back home in McDowell were expecting a pretty significant ice event but once the clouds rolled in and the temps crept up to 33, they never dropped again. Lots of heavy rain and lightning though!
  2. Folks back home in McDowell were down to 30 for about an hour last night. Warmed up to 33 when the clouds moved in and never dropped again.
  3. Wind is blowing in CH and my temp is right at 32 but nothing noticeable to report.
  4. Yep. Been stuck at 43-45 for a couple hours now.
  5. 42/30 at my place in Chapel Hill. Don’t know how this works even for a glaze.
  6. Rain/freezing rain now. Temp right at 32. Almost 2” of slop in the yard
  7. Seems like we had a bit of sleet last night because the sidewalk is covered in it. Looks like a decent snow/sleet mix falling right now.
  8. .50-.75" in most spots. Slacking off but some tiny flakes still flying.
  9. Still ripping snow here in Old Fort and already an accident on the mountain it seems. Sticking on the sidewalk and roads in spots.
  10. Steady at 37 here so far. Dewpoint at 23
  11. 37 down the mountain in McDowell. Sun still shining.
  12. Feels like it’s about to be a big disappointment in S. chapel Hill. Still rain
  13. Switched back over to some light snow. Almost all melted on the roads/sidewalk but hanging tough elsewhere
  14. Ooof. All rain here. Still don’t regret coming up. It was nice to enjoy while it was happening
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