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  1. NCBaBiDoLL

    12th/13th possible ENC/CNC Event

    Snowing pretty good here in Northern Wayne Co. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. NCBaBiDoLL

    February 25th-26th Winter Storm OBS

    Snowing now in northern Wayne Co.
  3. Snowing pretty decent here north of Goldsboro. Started about a hour ago with super fine flakes and has with-in 10 minutes turned to to some bigger ones.
  4. NCBaBiDoLL

    1/28-1/30 SE Winter Storm OBS

    Currently 18.Sleet/freezing rain (mostly sleet) mix about 9 miles sw of Seymour Johnson Goldsboro, N.C. since about 5 pm. Finally switched to snow about 11:10pm.