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  1. radionicist

    Major Hurricane Irma

    Do what I did, a month before the Derecho of 2012 - go buy that stuff anyway, and free yourself from worry. We were without power for four days (some up to two weeks), and I was mighty glad I had a power source at hand.
  2. radionicist

    Late April-Early May Heavy Rain/Severe Possibilities

    Latest Day 1 from the WPC seems to have shifted the axis of heavier rain west
  3. radionicist

    August 24 Indiana/Ohio Tornado Outbreak

    Classic structure in the wall cloud that developed a tornado in Putnam County earlier this evening: A tornado did develop from this storm and caused damage in Dupont, Ohio.
  4. radionicist

    August 24 Indiana/Ohio Tornado Outbreak

    The rotating cell in Putnam County is about ten miles from me. Sheriff's deputies did witness multiple touchdowns of short duration with that cell, with damage to structures and trees, several reports of power lines down. Fortunately, that area of Putnam County is sparsely populated.
  5. radionicist

    December 23-27th Storm System's/Severe Weather Potential

  6. radionicist

    July 11-14 Severe Weather Event

    We've had over a foot of rain in the last six weeks. My hope is that this system stays the hell out of NW Ohio.
  7. I did. I was a couple months short of 13 years old in January 1978. My Dad worked as a supervisor for the Putnam County Road Department, and he got the phone call to come to work on the evening of the 25th. I asked him if school would be canceled the next day and he said "You won't be going to school for a while." We next saw him five days later, when he was able to get home with a road grader. He spent twelve nights at work, and we didn't return to school for two and a half weeks. Fortunately, power stayed on at my house, but much of Putnam County was without power. An elderly couple that farmed about six miles from us lived in their car for three days; they had no power and no heat in the house, but they had an above-ground gas tank. They survived by running the car heater, getting out only to retrieve food, use the bathroom, and refill the car gas tank when it ran low. A convoy of rescue vehicles was able to reach them, finally, and bring them to shelter in town. My mother took her first snowmobile and airplane ride during the storm. She was a home health nurse, and one of her patients about 15 miles away became seriously ill. The local Fire Department picked her up on a snowmobile and transported her to a local grass airstrip used by crop dusters, where a ski-equipped Piper picked her up and flew her to her patient (and back, of course). She was the hit of the county after her story was published in the local paper. Putnam County is quite flat, having once been part of the Great Black Swamp, and large roadside drainage ditches accompany many of the highways. One unfortunate driver put his small car into a ditch along State Route 108, abandoning it to find shelter. Snow drifts covered it completely, and a couple of weeks passed before they could find it again. The drifting was so severe that the Ohio National Guard brought in several bulldozers and tanks equipped with snow blades to open up the highways. On the day they left, my Dad took me for a ride in his pickup truck to see the sights, and I remember getting out at intersections to check for oncoming cars - the plowed roads had become a maze of snow tunnels, and there was no way to see cars approaching on side roads. I recall walking up crusted snow drifts right on to the roof of a neighbor's ranch house and jumping off into drifts on the other side. As a kid, it was fun to witness, if a bit boring after a while. We had a serious case of cabin fever by mid-February, and the ice and slush had frozen so firmly that driving around even then was like driving on logs. I'm glad I saw it, and hope to never see another,
  8. radionicist

    September 2014 General Discussion

    Line moving through Henry County, Ohio is producing an awesome lightning show - the northern horizon is lit up almost continuously. Video to follow tomorrow, if we have power.
  9. radionicist

    June 16-25 Severe threat

    Nice strong storm along the outflow just raced through - no instruments here, but the wind on the front edge had to be pushing 60mph. My flagpole, which survived the 6/29/12 derecho, blew over. Temperature gradient is pretty impressive, 89F in Convoy, Ohio, 68F in Fort Wayne, about 30 miles west.
  10. radionicist

    Tropical Cyclone Remnants in Lafayette, IN

    Very interesting, Hoosier, thanks for the post! Was LAF unaffected by the remnants of TS Erin in 2007? It lead to the worst flooding here (Putnam County, Ohio) since 1913. We had nearly 13" of rainfall over a four day period, and over 7" in a single 24 hour period, 8/21 to 8/22.
  11. radionicist

    Post your favorite tornado videos here

    Henryville, Indiana, March 2, 2012. The vortices look like living things: Caution: Language NSFW
  12. Holy cow, that sounds awful! I'm in NW Ohio, too, but haven't heard of this so far - which towns are being inundated?
  13. radionicist

    Remember the winter of 2013-14: PICTURE thread

    December 23rd Christmas Eve Then it got cold.
  14. We picked up about 2.9" of rain from Friday into last night, and lost around another .8" or so of water in the snowpack. This gauge is about 300 yards from my office: Bad enough, but it could have been worse. The basement in my old building fills, including the ductwork, which means going without heat for a day or two until I can get it cleaned out.
  15. IWX confirmed several tornadoes in NE IN and NW OH, including an EF-2 which struck down a few miles west of me: The Village of Cloverdale has about sixty buildings and approximately half of them were damaged or destroyed, including St. Barbara's Catholic Church. Before: After: Interestingly, the most powerful November tornado on record in Ohio, the monster EF-4 that hit Van Wert on 11/10/02, passed just north of the same path taken by Sunday's storm, and the EF-3 that hit Ottawa on 10/24/01 took a path just to the south. Late Fall tornadoes are bad news for Putnam County, Ohio! I read the threat with great interest as the storms rolled through - thanks for the great information provided. Tony