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  1. seriously...black people in wilmington have been dealing with white folks looting for centuries. hell, the white folks even overthrew the government when they didn't like how it was going. that doesn't even mention how the government's last tax bill was essentially even more looting of the coffers of the poor. instead of saying gosh, what a shame, we might want to see why these people who are poor beyond your belief might think looting some diapers out of a family dollar is the thing to do.
  2. wow, you're being naive... people want to believe their public officials. even if you're really poor, when the governor tells you to evacuate, you're going to consider it. simply saying no because you're really poor isn't always the way it goes. good gosh! The costs of mandatory evacuations go way beyond whether a cop is coming to your door or not. omg please stop talking.
  3. this is a weather discussion. thanks.
  4. I'm a jackass? That seems inappropriate. People die evacuating. People die because of bad evacuation decisions made by politicians in election years. The coasts of the Carolinas have some of the poorest people in the country inhabiting the land. Do you know this? I do, very well. A mandatory evacuation is a huge deal for them. It's not a big deal for rich vacationing northerner invading the OBX or whatever for a week, but for those living in poverty, evacuation orders are a really big deal. And when they are this widespead, early, and wrong, it's an even bigger deal. Also to the board "queen?", i never referred to this storm as a bust. Reading is fundamental.
  5. i'm going to tell you again to stop. you are being a bully and troll and i will report you for your rude behavior.
  6. https://livestormchasing.com/stream/charles.peek i do have some idea actually.
  7. I'll add that these mandatory evacuations a week out and media reports of doom should also get some blame here. People hear that the world is about to end only to realize that nothing close to what they were told would happen is happening. As noted earlier, people get in basements in flooding situations, so the a bigger problem is that people are just stupid and don't understand the power of water. If the media hyped up the flooding threat inland a week out like everything else, perhaps that might change. We also need politicians to stop evacuating everything during the middle of election seasons so to protect their political brand. South Carolina evacuated the whole coast, think about that. We're talking about some of the poorest people around, and where are they to go? How? The governor of South Carolina should be thrown out of office for what he did. Pure political theatre.
  8. yeah, except that the damage in wilmington looks to be fairly minimal. the saffir simpson scale did just what it was supposed to do. getting people out of the way of water is a different story and isn't something limited to hurricanes.
  9. virginia had a mandatory evacuation starting at 8 AM on Tuesday. think about how ridiculous this is and how this impacts future storms and when there actually may be trouble.
  10. good advice. oh wait, what the **** are you talking about?
  11. ok, but america failed this hurricane. mass hysteria two weeks out is a bad idea. wonder how many lives are lost during the needless evacs? SMH.
  12. this is going to be the fake news hurricane that breaks the camel's back. think millions are going to keep evacuating absurdly early going forward? or maybe i'm pissed my flight was cancelled because nobody ever really knows where these things are going, and yet we get the same thing we get every single year. WORST HURRICANE EVER COMING!!! sunny and 10 mph winds and we can't fly because foxnews and cnn scared everybody. you mean a cat 5 isn't going to hit the Carolinas afterall? no ****ing way...
  13. this flight has been cancelled. are you f'n kidding me?
  14. So, I have a flight scheduled to land at RDU Thursday 4 AM. How are my chances looking of that flight happening?