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  1. starrin

    Richmond Metro/Hampton Roads Discussion

    FRONTAL PASSAGE Virginia Beach @ this time (0930). Temperature falling from 58 has reached 44. Dry. so far - from the rdr it looks like most of the moisture is on the Eastern SHore
  2. starrin

    SW/Central/SE VA Disco

    Here in my Great Neck of the Woods, the 12:30 heavy sleet lasted about 30 minutes; then dry til later in the afternoon. Light sleet resumed about 3:45 P. and snow began to fall about 4:45 and is replacing the sleet. Big flakes.
  3. starrin

    SW/Central/SE VA Disco

    Began sleeting heavily at 1230. Covering the deck. but also the ground - so much for residual warmth from Sunday
  4. starrin

    SW/Central/SE VA Disco

    Slight mist, not discernible to the eye, but rain detector (bald head) detected it about 1030. During visit to local store 1045 observed tiny tiny snow pellets - but light enough to drift down - not falling. Surfaces wet, but not freezing. Temp has just reached 32, but cold surfaces not freezing, though water is collecting. starrin Great Neck, Virginia Beach