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  1. FRONTAL PASSAGE Virginia Beach @ this time (0930). Temperature falling from 58 has reached 44. Dry. so far - from the rdr it looks like most of the moisture is on the Eastern SHore
  2. Here in my Great Neck of the Woods, the 12:30 heavy sleet lasted about 30 minutes; then dry til later in the afternoon. Light sleet resumed about 3:45 P. and snow began to fall about 4:45 and is replacing the sleet. Big flakes.
  3. Began sleeting heavily at 1230. Covering the deck. but also the ground - so much for residual warmth from Sunday
  4. Slight mist, not discernible to the eye, but rain detector (bald head) detected it about 1030. During visit to local store 1045 observed tiny tiny snow pellets - but light enough to drift down - not falling. Surfaces wet, but not freezing. Temp has just reached 32, but cold surfaces not freezing, though water is collecting. starrin Great Neck, Virginia Beach