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  1. Monster Storms with this power and angular momentum have an impact on steering. Everyone should stay on guard with this rogue.
  2. Nothing is off the table on the SE coast. This monster WILL have impacts. Just how much remains to be seen. The smallest error on the turn will have significant results.
  3. As expected. The mass of the storm continued its westward movement.
  4. Dorian is becoming even more symmetrical.
  5. A hurricane with this much mass, moving at great speed builds an angular momentum (right-hand rule, folks), making curvature prediction even more challenging.
  6. That spreads the eyewall and increases impacts in a storm skirting the coast.
  7. FL Coast remains within margin of error for multiple models.
  8. Canadian 12z just along the FL coast, instead of down the spine of the peninsula.
  9. HWRF has landfall at Sawgrass ICON has the eyewall over Ft. Lauderdale. A small error translates into a huge difference in impacts.
  10. 00Z CMC is onshore just above Jupiter, FL by hr 60.