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  1. What happened on the backside in Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee? Over the past 4 runs, nearly all the snow disappeared?
  2. The NAM continues to show this thing is arriving later and moving slower.
  3. The last 4 runs on NAM appear to show a trend south - but it also looks a bit slower, so maybe it's misleading at this point.
  4. The NAM 3km snowfall map (Ferrier rime correction) is probably the only map with the right amount of correction for sleet. We shall see.
  5. If you're in central NC, trend is not your friend.
  6. Big flakes and all snow in Jamestown NC. However, I'm thinking the transition line is going to creep back northward overnight as precip comes up the coast. Virginia line is going to be the jackpot area.
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