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  1. Why does the Tropicaltidbits keeps showing Northern New Jersey more accumulation while Pivotal weather shows Southern New Jersey more accumulation? Sorry if that's a stupid question.
  2. I think we barely had some snow in December. December was not also so cold. I think real winter began in 2nd half of January.
  3. I would rather deal with snow in October than in May. That would be funny reading the banter. Some people probably would say summer canceled. Anyways, I see snow falling off the trees now. Its fun to watch.
  4. Oh please not May! I want nice warm spring after April 15.
  5. I hope its right this time. Lately, its been so unreliable.
  6. The third storm was good but the dry slot was pretty long and frustrating to me. But I can't complain because the storm year after (Boxing Day Blizzard) was great.
  7. I see flurries (very tiny snowflakes) now. Nutley, NJ
  8. My reaction to all the models especially GGEM and GFS:
  9. Does it show a lot of rain or is it too early tell?
  10. Does anyone have a link to Hrrrr and RAP model? Thanks.