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  1. Go Blue!! Michigan all the way even though we suck usually!
  2. Was flooding pretty bad around Harrisburg? Seems like a lot of rain.
  3. Gotcha and no worries lol we’re not uptight like other subgroups. Just a nice moderate rain all day here 1.89 so far.
  4. New Orleans may be out of heaviest of rain now, pivot seems to put band staying East.
  5. Luckily they seem to be fairing far better that outskirts and suburbs.
  6. And it looks like bands pivoting in from gulf too.
  7. Band back building into NO somewhat.
  8. Focus shifts East to feeder bands, rain back edge approaching New Orleans from south and west.
  9. Yeah, wind shift just took place. Rain looks to be tapering down in NO proper soon, though Slidell and East look bad.
  10. Yeah looks like New Orleans is about to get out of rain but areas East could be in them for long long duration.
  11. Am I too hopeful or does it look like rain may lessen in couple hours around NO?
  12. Great news about pumps, thanks for sharing!!
  13. I’m wrong for sure….I’ll own it.
  14. They better work, rainfall rates will be crazy for hours.
  15. They do I’ve been reading up on them, but no guarantee they work properly.
  16. Looks like building was already missing roof and severely compromised.
  17. Yeah, it’s probably seeing the worst right around now for next couple hours.
  18. Finally looking like a hurricane thats made landfall, but many, many hours after doing so. Definitely a strong one.
  19. Kudos LEK, I fall into the realm of “weenie enthusiast” but reading your stuff always is a pleasure and it’s amazing to see how close you come so often.
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