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  1. Scummyratguy

    Central Pa - March Monster 2017

    Some decent pinging within the last 15 minutes in east prospect, 3 miles south of wrightsville. Still dumping in general. Now back to mostly snow with occasional pellets.
  2. Scummyratguy

    Central PA - February 2016

    This would be a significant storm around the LSV. Roads in York are already starting to get tricky
  3. Scummyratguy

    Central PA - February 2016

    State college needs to do more easily accessible and readable maps like this. I think it might help squash some of the hype mongering that happens in central PA.
  4. Scummyratguy

    Central PA - February 2016

    Allweather, loved the live Facebook chat on WGAL Facebook!
  5. Scummyratguy

    Central PA - February 2016

    Snow has picked up nicely in the last 30 mins- 1 hr in eastern York county
  6. I live out here and slept thru the thunder! The drifts are crazy.
  7. Didn't go out to measure, but was somewhat surprised to see already drifting and definitely blowing basically horizontal here. It's so early yet in the storm.
  8. Quite a bit of wind down here overlooking the susky in eastern York co.
  9. What's the time period for this map?
  10. I don't totally disagree with you about that. I just don't like their tactics like posting models 4-5 days in advance, and the fact they basically provide little skilled forecasting, they are regurgitating the most recent models. This storm helped them by being relatively consistent. They are a marketing and donation machine, they buy Facebook ads posting these huge dramatic model runs... Yuck.
  11. These clowns took out space on a digital billboard in York. Their marketing game is much better than their forecasting. Huge letters that say BLIZZARD and their Facebook page.
  12. Wrightsville pa/ eastern York county 5 miles s of 30
  13. Scummyratguy

    Central PA - Winter 2015-16 Disco

    First post of the season. A run like that was worth coming out of my slumber! Scared to be in the "model bullseye" this far out.