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  1. All: If most of you want to track storms independently I am sure all of you know about "Storm Lab" or "GrLevelx" products. Something not many people know about though is "SimuAwips". It is basically a 3 in 1 FREE program that many students have taken advantage of (myself included) it works on your internet browser so there is to be no downloading of any software. A sample screen shot I took of the winter storm last week can be found below: I have no stakes in the matter so it is not like I am plugging this for any sort of "gain." Just a really nice program out there for your use. I am going to attempt to use this during a chase (depending on the quality of internet). Right now it utilizes the RUC and SREF but I have talked with people who seem to believe all the models will be added to this in the future. http://www.simuawips.com/
  2. Is it March 1st yet? :/

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