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  1. The other way of looking at the more recent number is this: "Most" family type skiers are going x trips per year, if they did a few of those in November and December this year those trips aren't coming in February especially given the weather. Think about it, the season is being extended on both sides with all the effective snowmaking. Maybe it's simply that the overall base of skiers isn't growing dramatically (but enough), and we're just seeing the total visits spread out over a few more weeks than 10 years ago.
  2. Just doing some reading, VT NH ME all had great starts and are on course for very good seasons. Makes sense, tons of people skied early this year. Season is extending on both sides. Wachusetts numbers are still interesting.
  3. I'm just going by the newspapers and television reports where they quote the actual resorts saying they're down. Wachusett and one or two other places were on the record saying they were down substantiallyz
  4. Instead of just really cold, we got epic cold that's swuashing most systems aside of a weak swfe
  5. Will -'s got to be a combination of snow fatigue and cold. Lots of money being spent on snow removal, lost days at work, heat, etc. I don't think it's just the cold, nor do I think it's ticket prices. It is odd though, it's every mountain across the northeast, nobody is immune. PF would be taken out back and whipped 50 shades style if he said anything but I'm sure even they're off this year. Hopefully they all have a strong March and April.
  6. You nailed it. All it takes is a really bad experience when they're young and the love is lost. Besides as Ginxy always says the best conditions overall, least crowds, nicest weather is in March. It'll be nice to ski in relative warmth! Sunday River's page is down, I blame the cold
  7. Absolutely love your posts John, some of the most thorough and informative to read on the forum. That said I wish there was a cliff notes button! I think the pattern is already undergoing change.
  8. Just looking and will make one point. It's not just the weekend warriors not skiing. IMO, no sane person would bring young kids onto a mountain with -15 air and wind chills on top of it. It's just way too cold right now, and it's not like skiing/staying is cheap. Given the reality of this savage winter, all the time lost at work etc... it's just a weather thing. The big ? for people like powderfreak is whether or not this is delayed/deferred or gone. IE, will people come ski in March that didn't ski in February or is it too late entirely due to sports and what not. We will ski heavily in March which is very unusual for our group.
  9. Loon was empty all week too. You know something up when PF isn't chiming in either. I'm waiting until March this year, should be epic.
  10. I feel like things may be turning a bit towards more seasonal. Average March en route?
  11. Best way is to use youtube, and then link it here. There's really no capability to attach videos.
  12. Just saw the cantore video. Looks like exit 7 to me so over 20 miles from here. Pretty cool
  13. The killer has been no melting at all really anywhere. I don't know what the answer is, if Tuesday turns into a regionwide deal there are going to be major major problems.
  14. Banks are so far over my head snow removal is becoming a problem. May rent a propane heater