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  1. BAck to heavy snow. We changed for about five minutes. Cool system
  2. Bright banding. It mixed here and just changed back but it's light snow gigantic flakes
  3. 2 degree temp drop and quick flip to mix. Probably short lived
  4. Shoveling powder on 3/1 on the cape while having a hard time getting it over the 8-9 foot banks. It's really surreal at this point
  5. Just shoveled the driveway. 4 or 4.5". Surprised it wasn't more but as expected. Much lighter snow now despite being under 30 dbz which appears to be lit up on dual pol/mix
  6. Radar showing the ma and SE and then tbe final nice band. well modeled
  7. Nam got a little drier in terms of the .25 line more in line with the euro. Nice snows here
  8. Heavy snow now. I can't believe how much it has snowed these last forty days
  9. NAM even at 4 k cannot account for the orographic effects caused by upsloping off your driveways snowbanks
  10. Still mainly light snow here despite the radar. About. 2.8"
  11. Yeah but highest qpf barely makes the canal area on the latest rgem and nam