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  1. That was "Key Largo" and I think that movie was 1948. I'm self-aware this is banter, sorry
  2. Policy where are I is that if you have a TW agreement you are expected to make yourself "Telework Ready" and do so during a weather day. Or take leave. Makes good sense.
  3. OPM showing 2 hr delayed arrival tomorrow
  4. I am now intrigued, someone somewhere sent an email, which means in some backroom at OPM some decision maybe has been made and it has not been put on website yet?
  5. That is not verified on their web page, where are you seeing that?
  6. I recall Pann was down in DC for a while, a while ago. I'm just grateful to have this board and CWG to get info from and don't need some haircut on a bluescreen.
  7. Coffee is for closers. Sorry, couldn't resist that one.
  8. I saw those. They were like big butterflies.
  9. just a flurry right now where I am in middle of Rockville....?
  10. you should update your signature line with your temporary location?
  11. Is that a big dryslot that is forming there?
  12. Downtown Rockville still rain Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk