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  1. Per my research (and I may be wrong here), 19 tornadoes during one event ties this for 2nd all-time since 1950, in terms of the biggest Ohio tornado outbreak, by number of tornadoes: 1. Sunday July 12, 1992 - 29 Ohio tornadoes. (that's A LOT but unlike all the other events on this list, it doesn't ring a bell AT ALL. Not sure what the triggers were for this event. There were a couple of F3 twisters). 2. Evening of May 27, 2019 into morning of May 28, 2019 - 19 Ohio tornadoes. 2. Sunday November 10, 2002 (Van Wert F4 day) - 19 Ohio tornadoes. Some other historic Buckeye state events: 4. Sunday April 11, 1965 (Palm Sunday) had 11 Ohio tornadoes but they killed 60. Highest in terms of death count. 5. April 23, 1968 (Wheelersburg F5) had 6 Ohio tornadoes. 6. Tuesday April 3, 1974 (Super Outbreak, Sayler Park and Xenia F5s) had 14 Ohio tornadoes. 7. Friday May 31, 1985 (Northeast Ohio, Niles-Wheatland F5) had 11 Ohio tornadoes. 8. Friday April 9, 1999 (Blue Ash F4) had 5 Ohio tornadoes. 9. Saturday night June 5, 2010 into Sunday Morning (Toledo area-Millbury F4) had 5 Ohio tornadoes. 10. Friday March 2, 2012 (the strongest tornadoes stayed JUST south and west of Cincinnati - though one F3 did clip Moscow, southeast of Cincinnati) had 7 Ohio tornadoes.
  2. Interesting night in Denver --- multiple post-Midnight rounds of storms that dropped up to 1.5-inch hail, accompanied by some of the more vivid lightning and loud thunder I've seen here. Definitely not a night for sleeping!
  3. Definitely prayers for those who live in Dayton and the Miami Valley. I used to live in Cincinnati --- this event reminds me a bit of one from the evening of Tuesday June 3rd, 2008. F0 and F1 twisters that evening (I distinctly remember one of them hitting Oxford) so likely not as strong as tonight. They could have been significantly worse, but a severe event earlier in the day had left a narrow stable layer of air near the ground. But Supercells just to the north of a warm front, that stayed discrete for a considerable period of time and kept on producing, even after dark.. A pattern to look out for.
  4. Those storms were pretty legit. 1-1.5 inch hail where I live (Broomfield) around 8:30 MT - a couple hours after your post.
  5. It is currently 79 degrees at Denver International Airport ........ breaking (by 2 degrees) the previous all-time record high for Denver for the month of February. If it gets to 80, it would be the earliest 80-degree-day of any calendar year by about 5 weeks (81 degrees on 15-March-2015).
  6. Currently a robust super-cell storm with a tornadic signature in extreme SE Indiana. Whole lot of lightning, and also looks like a pretty strong hail producer. It hasn't been a great severe weather year in the Cincinnati metro, so this might end up as Cincinnati's "best" storm of 2016.
  7. Bump --- as I just recently viewed a Youtube video with Detroit TV coverage from this event. Radar loop of the event is at the 4:30 mark. On a side note, what is that suit Chris Edwards is wearing?!? FWIW, I was in Detroit for each of the 1991, 1995 and 1998 derechoes. How I would rank them, best to worst ("worst" is relative, they were all spectacular events): 1. July 13, 1995. CRAZY amount of lightning, nearly continuous cloud-to-ground strikes. Most under-rated part of this event. Really broke the heat and humidity of the afternoon, which was an intense levels. Although not nearly as intense as the next day! 2. May 31, 1998. Extra points for hitting Detroit at about 7 AM: remarkable in its own right that it maintained through the night. I Tracked the event in the hours before and that was fascinating. DTW obs in the next few sentences. At 10 PM there was a very light SE wind and it was a delightful 73/52. A beautiful spring evening, although pressure was at 29.81 and a keen eye would raise an eyebrow at the "PRESFR" in the METAR comments. At 2 AM it is 69/62, much more humid but still a light wind, pressure to 29.72. At 6 AM, it's all the way up to 76/68 with strong SW winds sustained at 30 and gusting to 40, pressure at 29.52. Scene is set for the explosion an hour later. 3. July 7, 1991. Still a remarkable event, but a bit below the 2 above.
  8. UGLY situation. Sizable town (around 80K) very isolated from other folk, literally 1 road in and 1 road out, extremely dry and warm weather, and in a region where wildfires can burn extremely intensely. Hope for the best, but it's a tough tough situation.
  9. If I'm reading your question right, you want a "heat and humidity AND storms" Seems like nobody thus far is talking about your "A TON AND A LOT" of severe thunderstorms qualifier. Factoring that in, I'd guess Kansas City becomes the #1. Although honestly, it's not like they get severe storms on a near-daily basis either. And they get occasional drought years with NO storms at all. If you restrain "Midwest" to mean only Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana --- frankly the answer to your question (again needing the heat and humidity AND storms) is "none." Nothing fits. Cincinnati and Evansville are the hottest and most humid in this "5-state Midwest", but certainly less so than either KC or St Louis. And big storms are also fairly infrequent for Cincinnati or Evansville --- and less frequent vs. either KC or St Louis.
  10. Up to quarter-size hail for the last 15 minutes in downtown Cincinnati. Letting up now. Rather decent storm.
  11. There was a 4.6 earthquake in the same general region (about 30 miles further to the south and east) in August 1947. That one remains the largest earthquake centered in Michigan ever recorded. Given that historical event, I'd guess one isn't due to fracking. Must be some small geologic instability in the region. http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/states/events/1947_08_10_iso.php
  12. Some Cincinnati (CVG) Stats, at the very southern end of this regional forum's geography: Forecast high for Tuesday (18-November) is currently 19. The lowest ever maximum temperature for 18-November is 26 degrees. That reading is, in fact, the earliest Cincinnati has EVER had a day that only reached 26 degrees. The first day with a record low maximum temperature in the teens is NEXT Monday, the 24th of November (14 degrees in 1929). Truly remarkable cold snap.
  13. I travel through Xenia a handful of times every year ---- I think about the tornado every time I pass through. The physical scars are still there if one knows where to look. Xenia's downtown, for instance, looks nothing like the downtowns of other "similar" Ohio cities (Bellefontaine, Springfield, Wilmington, et cetera). Bellfontaine, for instance, has a "traditional" downtown with a fair amount of architectural beauty and diversity. Xenia's downtown (being by necessity a child of the 1970s), is centered around the automobile and is a bunch of strip malls and parking lots. Xenia, unfortunately, had to re-build right when American "urban planning" was at its worst. Living in metro Cincinnati, I also think about how lucky our area was, especially with the F5 Sayler Park tornado on 3-April-1974. 5 F4/F5 tornadoes hit the Cincinnati DMA that single day (Xenia is not part of the Cincinnati DMA, that tornado is not among the 5). Crazy number. The Sayler Park storm hit perhaps the "best" portion of all of Hamilton County, Ohio in terms of limiting storm deaths and injuries (still 3 deaths).
  14. That Friday was a good one (I was in Shelby Township, Macomb County this afternoon). I would not personally call it the most powerful storm I've witnessed in Southeast Michigan (1995 & 1998 derechoes, July 2 1997) ... but it definitely ranks up there. Admittedly, the two tiers of Michigan counties to the South took it worse on May 21 2004 vs. the Macomb/Oakland/Livingston County tier. It definitely caught me by surprise ..... it was actually somewhat cool (temps in the mid-60s), non-humid (dewpoints in the low-50s) and overcast before the event ..... much different weather versus what preceded the July 1995 & May 1998 derechoes.
  15. I've moved (slightly) ..... to Fort Thomas, Kentucky.