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  1. The RGEM was fine. It backed off on the 12z run yesterday and this ended up being fairly accurate. The 12z NAM run yesterday was a complete bust And even the 00z run last night was terrible
  2. The NAM is where I would want it to be. It's so far West and so amplified that we're dry through Friday morning.
  3. I had over 3" with the February 23rd-24th system, so only about a month ago. A few days later and March would have been a much wetter month overall. The last three weeks have been dry but that's what happens when you have a pig ULL in Mexico that takes 10 days to move a few hundred miles.
  4. Long Island was closer to the developing coastal so it makes sense. I'm taking my 0.40" today and running with it. I'm putting all my eggs in the PGFS basket which as around 1.75" of rain for my backyard Thursday/Friday and almost 4" of rain in total over the next ten days.
  5. Pretty decent agreement between the GFS and Euro for the frontal boundary to remain close to the area Thursday/Friday. GFS is around an inch of rain, Euro is a bit less because it's actually more progressive. 06z Parallel GFS is the least progressive of them all and has trended wetter the last few runs. The GEFS mean supports around an inch. Maybe we can get just enough rain to get out of the top 10 driest March category.
  6. Does the Euro control run still have that big retrograding coastal in about two weeks?
  7. I hear Siberia is a great place to live.
  8. It's not the 2-3" rainstorm I was hoping for but it will still be significant when you factor in the strong winds later. Again, it came down to track. The storm developed nicely.
  9. That's when the winds start to pick up. In any event, I'm not sure what duration has anything to do with it. The storm didn't quite work out here because of a bad track. Models struggled a few days ago with which low to focus on. In the end, looks like a double barreled system was the way to go with not much in between.
  10. Wouldn't the warm pool off the West coast indicate that the ridging might be along the coast, leading to mostly dry and warm conditions in the West and wet and cool temps in the East with a mean trough over the Lakes?
  11. I think we're in for a dud next few years with the developing Nina. Heck, this year would have been a huge dud if not for one event that trended North inside 36hrs.
  12. The wind threat was included in the original premise for the thread. Again, things didn't end up working out for a big event, but it was mostly because of storm track. The ULL is developing almost overhead. To get the big storm here we needed it further offshore.
  13. It sounds like you have no idea what you're talking about. I'm sitting at 0.24" so far and it's pouring. All that rain in E PA has to come through here before it's over. If you want an accurate picture you need to look at KDIX not KOKX.
  14. At least you're smart enough to hardly ever post.