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  1. Zand

    May 2019 Discussion

    https://www.wachusett.com/The-Mountain/Media-Center/Web-Cams.aspx Are those flakes flying in the NASTAR cam? Hard to tell.
  2. Zand

    NNE Winter Thread

    With windholds at Smuggs and Bolton today, ended up at Stowe. Only took 3 runs outside of the Lookout to Goat range. Woods were unbelievable. Hope Madonna is open tomorrow, they've gotten 7" since the last time it opened and hoping for a few inches tonight. Been snowing at Stowe since 1:30.
  3. Zand

    NNE Winter Thread

    Based on current forecasts, looking at skiing Sugarbush Sunday, Smuggs Monday, and Stowe Tuesday. If there's a lot of windholds Sunday I like Sugarbush for at least having Valley House open. Smuggs Monday mainly because it would add 45 minutes to the ride up/back so would rather do that on the day I don't have to travel, plus they've been striking gold on NW flows this year. Stowe Tuesday will hopefully be freshened up. Would you do those in a different order if you were me?
  4. Zand

    NNE Winter Thread

    Perhaps a sleeper powder day at Stowe Tuesday? Nice.
  5. Zand

    NNE Winter Thread

    Was planning on skiing Stowe, Smuggs, and Bush this Sunday-Tuesday but haven't pulled the trigger on lodging yet. Hard to tell at this point as the Euro and GFS are still miles apart but need to make a decision soon. Don't mind skiing in a little bit of rain. More afraid of a giant freezeover on the back end. Anyone want to convince me to go/not go? Lol
  6. Zand

    February 2019 Discussion I

    Gonna be in the NEK Sunday-Tuesday next week. Particularly Jay Peak Monday. Hope I'm not dodging raindrops. Starting to trend better.
  7. Zand

    Nov 15/16 regionwide event

    Completely agree, weird to see him going bigger than everyone else. I like what Harvey has right now, but I'd love Pete's to verify. Maybe Princeton will get 9"
  8. Zand

    Nov 15/16 regionwide event

    Bouchard is bullish on both the totals (6-10" NW of ORH) and more importantly on the backside kicking in additional accumulation. Says the models have no handle on the wraparound and he expects precipitation to change back to snow and it will make a mess on Friday. Guess we'll see on that second part.
  9. Zand

    January 4-6 Coastal Bomb Observations/Nowcast

    I wish I could say that band parked over ORH county is producing, but not much going on underneath it. Impossible to measure here, but easily a foot with 3 foot drifts.
  10. Zand

    Jan 23/24 2016 obs/nowcast - the fight for the North

    Southbridge MA: mod snow, strong gusts.
  11. Zand

    Late Thu night/Early Fri light snow

    First flakes of the season here. Here's to many many more!
  12. Zand

    Feb 19 Minor Event. Obs Banter. Models.

    The sky is so dark to the west here that the flakes stand out even when looking into the clouds. Pretty cool.
  13. Zand

    Feb 19 Minor Event. Obs Banter. Models.

    1 1/4" here in 45 minutes. Still moderate snow with visibility around 1/3 mile. Radar looks like it wants to send us into the 30+ dbz zone one more time.
  14. Zand

    2/18/14 Clipper OBS Thread

    5.5" in Leicester... visibility slowly starting to rise.
  15. Zand

    Feb 15 Clipper Obs

    Mod snow, visibility < 1/2 mile. Already over an inch down. That outer band seems to like us here so far.