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  1. Groundhog fails to see shadow, predicts early spring. I would have to imagine a shadow sighting with how putrid this winter has been would have warranted ending the tradition. Oh, and meatball subs and buffalo chicken dip for the Super Bowl. There is no sports franchise I hate more than the Kansas City Chiefs, so I'm going to be more interested in the pre-game poker with my friends and the Demi Lovato national anthem performance. May make it awkward and crank one out, you know, for America.
  2. Who's got the lucky dice to start the new thread?
  3. At this rate, I fully expect the groundhog to see his shadow and then die from heat exhaustion a half an hour later.
  4. I don't know why I don't read the MA thread more often. They have a list of dead ****s. As for Sutherland's forecast of doom, I'm at the point where sunshine and baseball just sounds appealing. That'll change when the pattern looks promising, but I don't see that happening. Play ball.
  5. Did the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor disaster turn the Pacific jet into a godzilla-like atmospheric feature? Have I asked that before? Like, I feel like that is something I've asked before, but that shitshow went down in 2011? That's awfully coincidental to the relative suck the Eastern half of the US has experienced since around that time
  6. If PETA is butthurt over a real Groundhog, they're going to shit a brick hwall when Bill Murray let's an animatronic groundhog drive a 1987 Ford F150 in Groundhog Day II.
  7. But don't worry. It'll be thirty-eight degrees and drizzly in April, for you cold lovers.
  8. I'll ask the folks who spend their lives in Stoke-on-Trent, England, because that's what I imagine this is like.
  9. Horst showing any inclination of a storm is a very good sign to me. Let's not lose what we have here and build on it.
  10. HM continues to harp on the NAO going slightly negative this weekend, leading to coastal development.
  11. HM keeps saying he believes the setup for this weekend will be similar to the November 24th setup, which would probably work out for some on here.
  12. Where's he headed? If it's somewhere snowy, I'll follow.
  13. The nice weather is nice, it doesn't really matter when it occurs, but what's messed with my state of mental being these last few years is that winter doesn't act like it should, which only makes me more excited for spring, but then spring comes around and it's three months straight of rain and 48°F, and I'm spending weeks looking at the baseball schedule and texting five other people to try to coordinate a day off that is also a home date to make up for the impending rainout. Or the time a few years ago I went to Ocean City on Memorial Day and it was 60°F. It's weird things like this that make me wonder what exactly is the cause. It's not just a lack of winter, it's become a lack of spring. With a lack of spring comes a lack of severe weather outbreaks, as we have had what? Two bad storm days since 2010-11? It's hard being a weather enthusiast when it's just rainy and windy Upstate NY/Eastern NY subforum seem to think 2010-11 was the last good one for them, so it's probably not so bad here.
  14. I just cruised the Upstate NY subforum earlier and that place is sad. The only thing I'm really taking from this shitfest is that everyone on the east coast has attended. Margusity seems to think a coastal is possible this weekend. PennLive appears to be punting on winter. Btw, that article mentions that it's not impossible that March and April, which has been winter lately, will be cold.
  15. Pretty sure he was born in 1992. He was a fetus when he had his Wunderground blog.
  16. Back to weather. Don't dismiss me like that. I will rise up like Charlemagne.
  17. But the quarry is far. Like, between Palmyra and Granville far. And my 1982 Yugo is finally dead. Please, my girlfriend, she's type 9 diabetic, quadriplegic, has stage six autism, and has debilitating psoriatic arthritis. She also weighs four thousand pounds. I'd float on her, but I fear she would sail us to Portugal. Please. Just some sand. Just a speck.
  18. I've changed my mind. I value my life. Unfortunately, you've bought up all the air, and now I can't inflate my own raft, which is odd because I thought you commies were all about sharing the air. I guess only your select group get the air. I'll just have to accept being relegated to sand bags. May I have some sand, your Excellency?
  19. I've been thinking about this post since you posted it. I wish Zack Labe (Blizzard92) was on here more. I feel like this is something he would be able to touch on, as I *believe* he has become something of a climate scientist, if my memory serves me right.