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  1. Jesus Christ, I thought the MA thread during a winter storm was a shit show. You lot need about 10mg and a few hours away with a ****ing Archie comic or some shit. Back to weather: Strong hurricane is strong.
  2. Thank you. This thread is bouncing and I'm trying to keep up while working lol.
  3. Is that an observation from recon?
  4. And I hope Wolf throws the hammer at them. And this hairstylist bullshit is the ****ing worst. People are dying. Children are developing Kawasaki's disease as a result, and Kristen is concerned because her hair is a little out of sorts? **** her. And **** every hairstylist bitching about it. These people would have NEVER been able to make the sacrifices asked of them during the war efforts in the early half of the 1990s. Anybody who bitches about a haircut while people are dying should have to wait three months after the salons open, and then their heads should be shaved.
  5. I think it's time we just move forward and consider May, April, and June the new "winter."
  6. Because this is the new normal in the mid-Atlantic. "Winter" is April and May.
  7. Everything you've posted this season has been a total fluke.
  8. This. I got banned permanently from the AccuWeather forums years ago for going off about wishcasting, and posting model images that are not supported by reality is no different.
  9. Alabama is ****ed today. I'm going to be glued to James Spann on Twitter and ABC 33/40's social media when all hell breaks loose.
  10. Also, it would be fitting that our best shot at a decent snow would be the end of March lol
  11. I guarantee you it's going to come to that. Jim Bakker said it best: #TheCollapseIsComing. Only he was saying it to scare old people and morons into buying buckets of shit that he calls food. I'm saying it because the collapse is ****ing here.
  12. Just wait until Trump locks the entire nation down and the looting starts. The Army is coming to enforce the lockdown.