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  1. I really want this to just be over, but since it's going to be cold into June, we may as well try to get something going here.
  2. And this is the difference between Roundtrip and Blue Knob. Blue Knob is an absolute iceberg no matter what time of the season or how the season has been.
  3. I'm telling you, March/April/May will feature a setup that's favorable for cold/snow, but because it's April/May, all we'll get is 51 damp, 47 degree days out of a possible 61 days. That's how things seem here anymore.
  4. I did lol. In all honesty, the guidance packages shouldn't even publish them. It just seems counterproductive.
  5. Or we can ban the posting of the ten day maps :lol
  6. I used to LOVE the cold. Not so much now. I love having weather, so I'll kill for an epic cold snap and bitch about it on my way to the car.
  7. Could it really be worse than where we are currently?
  8. That entire franchise in the early 90s was hidden in Canada. It's crazy to think that the 94 players strike probably sent them to DC. That ballclub was eventually going to clear the hurdle they kept running into in the previous years and there wasn't anybody catching them. I think they would have had to deal with the Braves eventually that postseason, but I think the Expos were on the road to the pennant when they shut it down. A world series championship keeps them in Montreal, and builds a new ballpark. Now they're just stuck with nothing until the Rays get there.
  9. This thread is now about Pedro and how you're a coward if you've never walked around that dumpster fire at 3:30 AM on Ayahuasca talking to the trees thinking they're the god of the Interstate.
  10. All this gray and wet is starting to **** with my mental state. I don't care if it's 5 degrees of 500 degrees. I need to see the sun.