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  1. Damn shame the winds yesterday didn't blow Harden across the river into Gloucester where the rest of the trash lives. Sent from my motorola edge 5G UW (2021) using Tapatalk
  2. Isn't 81 always a demolition derby? What was so different about today? A little ice? Lol Sent from my motorola edge 5G UW (2021) using Tapatalk
  3. WSW hoisted for Blair, Cambria, and Clearfield counties so far for 5-8. Sent from my motorola edge 5G UW (2021) using Tapatalk
  4. 322 is a disaster from Philipsburg to Port Matilda. I almost wrecked going down the mountain on my way to pick up the fiance at Mount Nittany. Meanwhile at elevation, I'd say we're close to 4.5 inches and it had been puking snow all morning. In State College, sleet is mixing in at 31°F. Sent from my motorola edge 5G UW (2021) using Tapatalk
  5. Let me tell you people something about a porcupine's balls: They are small and they don't give a shit. Also, the Motorola Edge has this incredible feature where YOU CANT POST IN ****ING FORUMS. I've been trying for the past two and a half weeks to figure out how to reply and I finally installed Tapatalk to do so. Motorola can suck on my entire ass. Oh, and it's raining. Sent from my motorola edge 5G UW (2021) using Tapatalk
  6. I just drove through the mega death band of 2022 on my way to Toontown. I drive a Hyundai Elantra. Let's just say the Koreans know many things, but where to put the weight distribution on a car is not one of them. Upshot: Hyundai Elantra doubles as paramotor. Sucks: I don't have a chute.
  7. Would we get an alert about the war? I had a dream last week that my phone gave me a war alert lol
  8. Pleasant surprise to see a WWA hoisted up this way for up to 2" tonight
  9. You have a better chance of coming down with piles, and what a pain in the ass that'll be.
  10. My earnest hope is that the internet is dead by then.
  11. My kid will be here next weekend, so I'm just asking for Bastardi's false spring. After delivery and the march home, the roof can collapse under the weight of a snow for all I care lol
  12. Juarez had like four EF3s tear through that day, and the EF5 that ripped Tijuana a new one? Whew. Oh. Different "South of the Border." Sorry. Poor Pedro.
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