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  1. Buy it now before the low traverses over Wheeling.
  2. Also, pond hockey in the middle of Lake Raystown next week for all interested. I don't think that's happened in about 15 years lol
  3. Looking at the projected highs, I can't see a scenario in which suppression isn't a major complication. Upshot up here is there's plenty of snow locked in that whatever survives tomorrow will be here for a while. Likely will require the pattern-breaker to deliver any foreseeable goods.
  4. I would take February 5, 2010, and expand the precip shield another 100 miles.
  5. Roads are still caved out this way. 322 is a nightmare. The drifts are real, y'all.
  6. It's ripping snow again. I don't need a past it's prime model to tell me that.
  7. What's the NAM, our greatest model, have to say? Lol
  8. Stay home. I'll buy the tickets if it means you ain't there.
  9. Snow finally shut off here. I haven't been outside but I would assume 8-10 is the answer. Warning criteria verified. I'll take that as a win. And can we finally remove the statue of the ECMWF outside of the stadium? At this point, it's like that time when Spanier and Curley went to the old man's house to ask for his resignation and he told them to go **** themselves. It's a fine model, but it's currently no longer god.
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