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  1. Anyone going to the winter beerfest in Asheville this weekend? My friend is going with his wife. I'm jealous! http://www.ashevillebeerfest.com/
  2. Nice! I went to Crested Butte in '93 and it looked like that as well. It was the most snow I had ever seen and then we had the blizzard here a month later. Lol.
  3. Good jobs are often hard to find. I have only been at my current job just over a year and there are rumors our jobs may go to India. Could go on and on but don't want to talk much about it on my day off. Lol. Sure hope you are right about the end of this month. Would love to see Timothy bust on his 2nd week of February call.
  4. Lol. If DT were still posting on this board he would rip you a new one. No way anyone would steal your ideas especially him. The best chances of winter weather per climo is end of January and 2nd week of February which you act like is something new.
  5. Yes it was but somehow we had a great -NAO in place to bring in the cold and snow. We haven't seen sustained blocking like that since then. Hopefully that trend will change soon.
  6. Had some snow earlier and now a moderate sleet. Hoping to switch back soon.
  7. Had a brief sleet shower and now it's raining. 36/22 here in Cumming.
  8. Wow that's a great look! Is the Para NAM better than the regular NAM?
  9. Why not? The models have been hinting at the narrow band of heavier accumulations for a while now.
  10. Yeah this could turn out to be a bigger storm for areas further north including NW GA that had barely any accumulations on the map for a while.
  11. How accurate is it within 48 hrs vs 24 hrs?
  12. Doesn't make any sense why it would place the low that far north. Hopefully just a fluke run.
  13. Yeah that's what I thought. Strange how our storms have been good every 3 years. Last good storm before then was 2011. Lol.
  14. Sure hope you can get in on the action this time. It's been a while since the city has seen anything. I think 3 years correct?
  15. Ok. Kind of what I thought since it has been mentioned before but not much on verification.