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  1. Well we have managed to get our first measurable snow in Bogart.  It is a beautiful site to see.  Should be very pretty when daylight comes. 

  2. The January 7-8th possible CAD storm

    Radar looks to have a good flow coming up from the gulf into LA...
  3. January Observations

    I had notice that the air had a moist feel to it and wondered if we might get some flurries....Happy New Year everyone.
  4. January Observations

    Well we have some tiny snow flurries...not a lot but nice surprise for the first day of 2018.
  5. I do not post but I do read...and I personally think you need to be put in time out....JBurns told you to knock it off.
  6. Okay Happy Birthday to me if we actually end up with snow here...I saw the ice but did not see the snow totals...hope more snow less ice
  7. Lookout it appears this area is gonna have a nasty ice storm...not what we really want. Sleet is fine but ice can stay away.
  8. We would have gotten a nice blanket here but just too much rain and sleet. It started about 6:30 this morning and has stopped now. May be we will get it better on the next system.
  9. Hey Lookout....there is snow in Bogart it is a dusting but at least we got something.
  10. March 4 Winter Storm Threat

    Sleet here in Lithonia, GA...was not expecting that.
  11. Feb 15-16 Possible Mixed Event.

    Not really seeing this as an ice event here. I am in Athens 32 and just cloudy. Unless wedge holds think it will be cold rain.
  12. March Observations Thread

    What a surprise. A nice dusting of snow. Happened quick too. Reporting from North Hwy 81 Loganville.
  13. February 25th-26th Winter Storm OBS

    snowing with sleet here in Loganville. 33 degrees
  14. February 25th-26th Winter Storm OBS

    We have heavy sleet here in Loganville.
  15. Congrats jburns!

    Very nice. Congrats!!!!