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  1. On 4/24/2022 at 5:19 PM, PrinceFrederickWx said:

    @Roger Smith I'm not sure what you mean by dead links, but I remember I did have to delete a bunch of images stored in my account awhile back, because I was running out of space.

    Anyway, I have a copy saved on my PC so I attached it. Showme didn't win in 2019 though- tplbge did. You came in last. :lol:

    2019 contest.JPG

    I'm going for the triple crown this year. :sizzle:

  2. 2 hours ago, RodneyS said:

    The Capital Weather Gang is reporting that BWI has now picked up 2.6 inches in this storm.  If that's the case, tplbge is the new leader with H20 second.

    I'm ok with this statement.  Winning the snowfall contest  :mapsnow:  will be my greatest moment since winning the Summer temp forecast contest.  Let's just measure ice for the rest of the year.

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