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  1. Between 5-6 inches were measured northwest of Greensboro.
  2. Between 5-6 inches were measured here just northwest of Greensboro.
  3. With this current NAM run being a major change from the last few runs, I'd be willing to not take it *too* seriously. It definitely bears watching though. Will continue to monitor.
  4. Here is the updated NAM 3K Kuchera for 18z
  5. That's reasonable. I would think that 1-3 inches is the safest call for now. It could be more or less, but it seems like we may be coming to a consensus before too long.
  6. The best analogy I could say to this post is that every potential storm is different. What happened in prior setups doesn't necessarily correlate with what will happen here.
  7. Just got a report out of Downtown Greensboro that roads are covered.Here in Northwest Greensboro, 10 miles north, absolutely nothing. Incredible gradient.
  8. Agreed. After looking at the 18z model runs, I'm still not convinced that Greensboro area posters see very much (if anything). Like I and others have said earlier, we need something more than incremental shifts west at this point. At 24-30 hours away from go time, I just don't know much more this can shift west.Unless 0z shows this major jump west, I will throw in the towel. I also believe we're close to the time to be "nowcasting" and looking at radar trends, etc. instead of following relying solely on the shorter range models.
  9. I know many are disappointed by the most recent 12z GFS run, but by experience, if you want any model showing this result in this timeframe, it's the GFS.As most have said, it's so inconsistent at this point that I haven't really been paying much attention to it lately. Could it be right? Possibly, but with its' inconsistencies, I've decided to take a look at other models until it shows consistency (or even remotely close to it).
  10. I don’t pick up on sarcasm well, especially on the Internet. Still valid points regardless.
  11. To say this in absolute terms is ridiculous. With model to model discrepancy and the changes from run to run, I wouldn’t be so sure, at least yet. Id have to see a little more consistency and a little more consensus before speaking in such absolute terms. Im not saying I agree with you or disagree, just let’s wait a bit before making such declarations, especially with less than ideal consensus. Remember, this is still days away, and things can (and inevitably) will change.
  12. Measured about 10 inches here in Greensboro. Great storm!
  13. Still snowing in Northwest Greensboro. 33.
  14. Just started with a flurry here in Northwest Greensboro. 38.
  15. I've got to say though, after following many storms from the EasternWx and now AmericanWx days, this probably is the one that is the most intriguing in almost every aspect - track, strength, temperature, precipitation shield, model inconsistency even within 100 hours of final outcome. I agree with Wow, it is definitely an interesting mystery even within 3-4 days.