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  1. 1 minute ago, Bob Chill said:

    Ha! Question everything. 

    At least we finally saw convergence today and the often insulted GFS/GEFS has been leading the pack. It can all go to hell even at relatively short leads but at least we don't have a big outlier anymore. 

    Our yards are a long long way away for a few more days. First piece of business is Irma passing Cuba with minimal disruption. Then we can work on skirting east of Miami. Then we can work on LF further north closer to NC. Then we can work on how the center races towards our yards. What could possibly go wrong? LOLOL

    Today's euro seems close to that at least.

  2. 4 minutes ago, WxWatcher007 said:

    Dropped in the northern section of the eyewall. Just insane. 


    Part B: Data for Significant Levels...

    Significant Temperature And Relative Humidity Levels
    Level Air Temperature Dew Point
    937mb (Surface) 24.8°C (76.6°F) 24.5°C (76°F)
    850mb 21.0°C (69.8°F) 20.5°C (69°F)
    755mb 17.2°C (63.0°F) 16.8°C (62°F)
    704mb 14.4°C (57.9°F) 14.2°C (58°F)
    695mb 12.4°C (54.3°F) 12.4°C (54°F)
    Significant Wind Levels
    Level Wind Direction Wind Speed
    937mb (Surface) 50° (from the NE) 161 knots (185 mph)
    931mb 55° (from the NE) 161 knots (185 mph)
    917mb 65° (from the ENE) 170 knots (196 mph)
    912mb 65° (from the ENE) 159 knots (183 mph)
    904mb 70° (from the ENE) 157 knots (181 mph)
    900mb 75° (from the ENE) 162 knots (186 mph)
    893mb 75° (from the ENE) 184 knots (212 mph)
    885mb 75° (from the ENE) 168 knots (193 mph)
    878mb 80° (from the E) 173 knots (199 mph)
    873mb 80° (from the E) 162 knots (186 mph)
    856mb 90° (from the E) 165 knots (190 mph)
    850mb 85° (from the E) 159 knots (183 mph)
    794mb 95° (from the E) 145 knots (167 mph)
    695mb 115° (from the ESE) 151 knots (174 mph)