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  1. President Biden took action his first day in office to return the United States to the Paris Agreement. Days later, on January 27, he announced that he would soon convene a leaders summit to galvanize efforts by the major economies to tackle the climate crisis. By the time of the Summit, the United States will announce an ambitious 2030 emissions target as its new Nationally Determined Contribution under the Paris Agreement. In his invitation, the President urged leaders to use the Summit as an opportunity to outline how their countries also will contribute to stronger climate ambition. The Summit will reconvene the U.S.-led Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate, which brings together 17 countries responsible for approximately 80 percent of global emissions and global GDP. The President also invited the heads of other countries that are demonstrating strong climate leadership, are especially vulnerable to climate impacts, or are charting innovative pathways to a net-zero economy. A small number of business and civil society leaders will also participate in the Summit.
  2. Climate change is becoming a serious headache for all of us, and we are not paying attention to it. Sometimes when I think about it my mind blows. I am an Environmental Engineer and I have very close sight on it. It is sucking all of our resources and ecosystems. We should pay sudden attention to it. If you look at this plastic expanding drastically and making everything difficult. Don't get decomposed and making life difficult for marine life also the other thing is global warning, increase in hotness of sun and so on.....