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  1. And FWIW, think the takeaway from this is that risk increases significantly post 8/15 or so. Think transient troughiness is likely in the east, but with ongoing drought, not sure how temps behave. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Lol. Tip- with respect to how this re-curve impacts the downstream pattern, being as far east as SNE is, it may not influence quite as much, but this should pump up heights fairly significantly in the PNA region. Given shorter wave length this time of year, it's probably an in and out pattern both warm and cool through much of Aug IMO.
  3. I like this frontogenesis progged early tomorrow. If anything, should see some big bomber flakes as rain ---> snow.
  4. Yeah from TropicalTidbits, accumulations overnight bode well for legit impacts if this were to come to fruition.
  5. Yeah, certainly warmer than wks 1-2, but not the warmth I was honestly expecting for April. Do think warmth builds in the Plains wks 3-4. Question is does it slingshot east closer to 5/1 or get knocked back with lower heights in Quebec?
  6. Hey Steve! I have been told to not post "premium" ECMWF data on social media so I obliged w/ 24h maps from TropicalTidbits (which doesn't have free EPS 2mT anoms). Whole different topic for a different day... They were different, but the point I was making was that the EPS was less amped and quicker to pivot out the cool down versus GEFS yesterday. 140 characters sucks sometimes.
  7. But in all seriousness, I'm not on here much anymore (though apparently my tweets get talked about ocassionally?) Twitter's 140 characters certainly make the tweets lose their value sometimes- tough to talk LR wx with that much room. Anyways, does look like once that -EPO recovers, looks like the bigger key to end the month is western ridging and h5 shenanigans up near AK and the Aleutians. Despite ECMWF weeklies pointing warm, seeing ridging in western Canada doesn't exactly make me excited for extreme warmth... Guess overall I like normal or above post 4/15.
  8. Don't even get me started. Sigh. I'll just sit in my energy corner and watch...
  9. I would've said "lobe of the tropospheric PV" but that wouldn't sit well with anyone in that dept. (that I'm not in...)
  10. Yeah, she is telling me it's quite fishy and not what she expected. She dropped out of the taping for a multitude of reasons stemming from that
  11. It's happening. My friend got selected and she leaves for LA tomorrow....
  12. This will trend a bit north I think. Given the vort max track over CVG-HGR-NYC, I'd expect light snow across SNE. Heavier stuff down in NYC/PHL/DCA. Not much blocking, so this thing is in and out quick. Probably a widespread 3-6"/4-8" event in the Mid-Atl.
  13. A couple notes from the 0z suite that I saw during my shift. 1. Ridging in the west was definitely dampened this run. Game ender? Absolutely not. 2. That high in the Great Lakes was noticeably stronger versus previous runs (Euro ENS in particular). 3. Euro ENS members are still literally all over the place. By Sunday morning, members range from Harrisburg, PA to 250 miles east of Hatteras. Writing this thing off 120 hours out is just silly. Give it time.