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  1. Really BGM????.... no active watches or warnings for those counties in NEPA??? We are literally surrounded by alerts!
  2. GFS at hr 69 seems like it is chasing the convection.... it was doing the exact same thing with this weeks storm early on.... i'm thinking the GFS and NAM are more than likely very close to each other at 18z.
  3. Approximately 3.5 inches in northeastern Luzerne county currently. Now the waiting game to see where the banding sets up with the coastal!
  4. Hi everyone.... long time lurker...1st time poster. A question for the more knowledgeable members of the board.... I know some models have a habit of leaving the L over the convection but... does the jumpiness of the actual progged low center effect precip distribution? I'd assume no but even the last CMC run shows a huge jump northwest.... is not the capture imo but wondering if that changes the trajectory or intensity the precip field on the model...... thanks everyone!.... here's hoping for a monster storm for everyone!