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  1. no, but started playing in 78 so that's all we knew was Orr and the Bruins. They used to come to our banquets and talk to us. It was they way the game should be played. Everytime you hit the ice you were transformed into a bruin in your mind. Greatest game on earth.
  2. That shirt is epic. Save the sticks burn trees.
  3. Not sure I have that on my property but best BTU wood I've found to burn is the Shagbark Hickory around me.
  4. The hearth room forum is the place to learn about inserts. I installed one myself in an old heatilator Fireplace and it was best thing I could of done to heat my modest sized home. If the power goes out you lose the fan which puts out 75 -85% of the heat so you just hook up the generator as backup. Average install i'm guessing 5-7000.00 . I did mine myself for 3600.00 . All depends on what you want to spend on insert. Best money I spent with the past 8 winters we have had.