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  1. Mitch hit a fairly populated coast compared with where Eta's going - there's nothing on the Mosquito coast but snakes, crocks and Dengue fever. Amazing tarpon fishing but that's beside the point. Unfortunately, however, Eta has apparently set its sights on the one population center in the entire region. There are about 60-70,000 people right in the target area.
  2. yep. This is the year of Murphy's Law squared. This year, if it might, kinda, sorta, barely, potentially possibly go wrong... it WILL!!!...
  3. yep, the mosquito coast is pretty empty - excellent tarpon fishing, but otherwise there's not much there other than swamps, snakes and crocodiles.
  4. view from Bourbon Street:
  5. Hey, anyone know what kind of multiplier to add to the winds when they're howling through the concrete canyons of a city - e.g. the wind tunnel effect?
  6. surge forecast raised to 11-foot along MS coast.
  7. surge coming over the seawall in Grand Isle.
  8. 2 1/2 foot surge in Gulf Port.
  9. grand isle beach webcam:
  10. wow, small world. I got my Ph.D. from Penn. Lived in West Philly and Center City for three years. Terrible situation you have out there - was watching a stream last night. Stay safe!
  11. However, don't forget that this IS 2020 - the year of highly improbable events. Who would've guessed that two hurricanes would hit almost the same spot this year or that we'd have run out of names by now, or that (I'm from Boulder, Colorado so I have to throw this one out there) a wildfire would've burned through 100,000+ acres in a day, or that an amped-up cold virus would've shut down the country? This is the year of Murphy's Law and who knows how those levees were actually put together - not what was on the specs but what was actually done or what those levees are actually capable of holding back. Given this year though, if there's ANY possibility of them failing - they'll fail.
  12. yeah, but unlike Sally, this one's hauling a$$. Lighting's kicking up again.