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  1. From Bastardi a couple of days ago Now I get it, [email protected] By insisting he is right on this hurricane matter,is simply exposing the bigger picture that goes on with climate alarmists who keep pushing models that are grossly overwarmed and insisting they are right. See if [email protected] agrees What do you do if you are talented meteorologist with a thirst for fame and fortune that runs counter to the quiet, dependable, sturdy professionalism that largely defines and populates your occupation? You could go into television broadcasting but you feel those 5 minutes of reciting daytime highs is unworthy of the science to which you have devoted your life. The logical pursuit would be "private practice" but you are faced with a major business problem -- the lack of product differentation. Your prognostication skills cannot be meaningfully distinguished from hundreds of others no less skilled who analyze and offer it all "for free." Then it hits you. You market and package your meteorological skills with ideological branding. You serve your fare of with a heaping side dish of climate change mockery and skepticism. People and media begin to take note and suddenly a proliferation of companies sign onto your service because even though the analysis being consumed is not really better, it just tastes better feeding their insatiable demand for cognitive bias and motivated reasoning. And make sure your twitter account is sprinkled liberally with perspective that lets everyone know where you stand politically on issues that have nothing to do with weather. But you still have a problem. There is the omnipresent danger that all those clients paying so much money might discover the fact that you have not really cornered the market on meteorological insight. Therefore it is imperative you embark routine smear campaigns of your government "competition". You build mountains of strawman arguments, attribute all manner of claims to anonymous individuals ("they said"), falsely claim insights you only you offered but others "missed," and conveniently ignore those tweets and other moments when things didn't quite work out the way you expected them to. Bastardi. The trumpification of meteorological science
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