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  1. Just introducing myself to the board. I have lurked for quite some time and got lured in a bit by coronatalk, but I am a weather enthusiast first and foremost. I've lived in MA all my life. I grew up navigating the mean streets of Lowell. My family had a house fire in January 1994 when I was 13. It was the middle of the night. My family escaped the house and I ended up with minor frostbite. I have vivid memories of that cruel (but fascinating) winter. It is really from that point when I began to follow the weather closely. I want to thank the regular new england posters who have kept me so informed over the past few years. Such a knowledgeable group. Many of the mets share this knowledge and explain in a way that makes it easy for a regular guy like me to understand. Additionally, what a group of personalities! I am on a few other boards (mostly sports related) and the posters here truly stand out. John, Dracut, MA