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  1. Haha, yes same here. I had a student submit an assignment at 3:13 am the other day.
  2. I am rooting on reopening, but I have to be realistic. I work at a Technical High School. Think about how you would ever be able to pull this off, unless we just said screw it. There are 3000 people in the building on a normal day. Over 80% require bus transportation. Most students spend all day in classes without windows. Here are some technical areas in the school: Early Childhood-includes pre-school aged students Culinary Cosmetology Medical-students work at local nursing homes and hospitals Then i think of the shared equipment and machinery in other shops-Metal Fabrication, HVAC, Carpentry, Auto Collision, Auto Body, Electrical, Machine Tech, etc, etc These kids picked a Tech school for a reason. It will not resemble anything they signed up for even if open. Disaster in the making.
  3. Just introducing myself to the board. I have lurked for quite some time and got lured in a bit by coronatalk, but I am a weather enthusiast first and foremost. I've lived in MA all my life. I grew up navigating the mean streets of Lowell. My family had a house fire in January 1994 when I was 13. It was the middle of the night. My family escaped the house and I ended up with minor frostbite. I have vivid memories of that cruel (but fascinating) winter. It is really from that point when I began to follow the weather closely. I want to thank the regular new england posters who have kept me so informed over the past few years. Such a knowledgeable group. Many of the mets share this knowledge and explain in a way that makes it easy for a regular guy like me to understand. Additionally, what a group of personalities! I am on a few other boards (mostly sports related) and the posters here truly stand out. John, Dracut, MA
  4. Correct, so opening schools is connected to the health of the economy and little else. As long as people are not claiming we are reopening the schools to preserve educational integrity for students, I am in agreement. Substitute teachers, fear induced students with robotic schedules, high absenteeism, and opening and closing based on outbreaks is no ones version of quality education, especially for students over 10 years old.
  5. Yes layoffs are inevitable if schools do not reopen in the fall. Handling mental health issues remotely has been really difficult. I have had to file abuse and neglect reports and had police officers do a few well being checks. During much of the online learning time I have said I would walk back in the building tomorrow if I could. But then I think of the cluster that awaits with trauma, absenteeism, logistics etc and I become less confident. Inner city based schools have some tough decisions. The less advantaged will struggle most even in person next year. I’m not sure if waiting to see what the fall brings in terms of a second wave may be best, at least for high schoolers. After all these students do not need child care and can actually provide child care for parents returning to work. It’s tricky.
  6. As an educator-there is one aspect no one is talking about in regard to school opening. Kids DO NOT learn when they are traumatized. Many of your points seem well thought out and I agree with some points, especially from an economic point of view. I work at a high school of 2500 students. Parents of students have died from Covid. A few students have got very sick as well. Younger students may be sheltered from the trauma due to lack of understanding, but the high school students will fall largely into 2 camps. Half will think it's a joke and not follow the rules properly and half will be scared out of their minds. Not sure how that helps big picture with mental health, physical health and learning. I noticed that you did not reference staff at all. Lots to talk about in regard to safety there as well.