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  1. The conspiracy theory stuff is really really unfortunate. Whenever stuff like this happens it is a chance for the crazies to come out of the wood work... I was reading this one article by this nutcase epidemiologist today in England who was trying to claim that the death numbers were completely skewed because officials were including deaths in cases where they couldnt definitively say that the virus was the actual cause of death.. so in other words he was trying to make the claim that health officials were misreporting deaths.. Its like... who does that? What does is he trying to prove? We are in the biggest crisis in the history of mankind.. there is no time or room for that type of talk. In fact it is dangerous.. if you dont get the right message out there.. people are gonna start ignoring this.. and the results will be disastrous.
  2. I just went to the doctors to get some prescriptions refilled and they wouldnt even let me in the front door.. the receptionist came up and asked me what my name was, who my doctor was and what prescription I needed and told me that they would call it in. They had a big sign on the door: 1- we cannot test you for COVID-19 2- there are no known treatments for COVID-19 3- most cases are mild. If you think you have a mild case, go home and take OTC cold medications like Alkaseltzer Cold Potomac Physicians in Woodlawn...
  3. A lot of people from my side of town support their entire family with jobs in that have now completely vanished! A lot of us cannot pay rent or mortgages.. it is great to know our governor has our back!
  4. He is truly doing an amazing job in this dire situation.
  5. I have been a long time lurker of this forum as i am a snow lover and often travel up through the northeast for work. Has anyone seen this article on mortality rates in Germany?